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What symptom does inflammation of Department of gynaecology have? Diet taboo in patients with gyneco

inflammation is a very common and important basic pathological process. Traumatic infection on the body surface and most common and frequently occurring diseases (such as furuncle, carbuncle, pneumonia, hepatitis, nephritis, etc.) of various organs are inflammatory diseases.

1. Sweet and greasy food:

Regular eating of sweet and greasy food will increase the secretion of leucorrhea, so that foreign matters in the body can not be completely discharged, which will provide a hotbed for the breeding of bacteria, so sweet and greasy food like fructose, chocolate, cream cake, ice cream, etc. should not be eaten more.

2. Hair:

Hair is not conducive to the treatment of gynecological inflammation, will aggravate the inflammatory condition. In traditional Chinese medicine, chicken, turtle, kelp, crucian carp and so on all belong to hair.

3. Seafood:

Marine products contain various trace elements in seawater. These elements may aggravate the itching in the inflammatory area of sensitive people. Common seafood, such as kelp, shrimps and crabs, should not be eaten.

4. Pickled food:

There are a lot of dimethylnitrite in pickled food. It will react in human body and produce dimethylnitrite. Dimethylnitrite is a strong carcinogen, which will aggravate or repeat the inflammation of gynecology. Therefore, pickled food such as salted fish, pickles and pickles should not be eaten more. In addition, eating a lot of pickles will lead to the lack of vitamin C in human body. Eating pickles properly can increase appetite and regulate appetite, but if you are addicted to eating, long-term consumption, it is easy to cause various diseases.

5. Spicy food:

Spicy food is highly irritant, which is easy to hinder the work of immune system and aggravate the condition of gynecological inflammation. Common spicy food has ginger, white wine, mustard, onion, garlic and so on.

6. Hormone food:

Hormone food will affect the endocrine system, stimulate the inflammatory site, lead to a sharp increase in the number of bacteria, and aggravate gynecological inflammation. Common hormone foods include red dates, mutton, hormone drinks, etc.