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After eating hot pot, spray lemon water to remove the smell quickly

We all love hot pot, but every time we eat it, there will always be a smell on it, which makes people upset. How to remove it?

How to remove the smell of hot pot on clothes

Method 1: Lemonade

Find a watering can, add water to it, and then drop an appropriate amount of lemon juice. After stirring evenly, spray it on your clothes. Then hang the clothes in a naturally ventilated place and let them dry naturally.

Method 2: cleaning

Add washing powder or detergent to wash clothes normally. After washing, the peculiar smell is eliminated and there is a faint fragrance.

Method three: perfume

Sprinkle perfume directly and cover the smell of hot pot with perfume.

Method 4: steam

With a steam iron or steam hang ironing machine, spray steam evenly on the outside of the clothes, and then put the clothes in a naturally ventilated place to dry naturally.

Precautions: 1. If there is no lemon juice, you can not put it. The effect is just a little worse, but it is also very effective in removing the taste. If you have lemon essential oil at home, adding a drop will have the same effect.

2. Don't add too much lemon juice. 1 or 2 drops are enough.

3. Never add any chemical solution with bleaching ingredients, such as 84 disinfectant, etc. Otherwise, the clothes may be scratched.

How to remove the smell of hot pot in the room

1. Use air freshener to spray a few times in a room with hot pot smell. After a period of time, you can remove the hot pot smell or peculiar smell.

2. Dry the soaked waste tea residue and put it in the corner of the room to remove the hot pot smell by using the physical adsorption principle of tea.

3. (1) dip a towel in some diluted vinegar and wave it indoors. ② Light a few candles indoors and the smell of hot pot will soon disappear. (candle burning produces carbon black, which is mainly composed of carbon and has adsorption, so it can eliminate the smell of hot pot). (2) Put a bowl of vinegar indoors to remove the smell of hot pot. (3) Hang a few wet sponges or wet towels in every corner of the room to remove the smell of hot pot.

4, cut the lemon (including the pulp) into pieces and put it into the pot. Add a little water to make the lemon juice, then spray it with the sprayer to spray it into the room, so that the deodorizing effect can be achieved.

5. Open windows for ventilation.