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What is NBCS? Introduction to the meaning of NBCS rice circle

Now there are more and more people chasing stars. In the era of such developed network, fans have invented a series of their own languages on the network, which are called rice circle terms. Many rice circle words look like encrypted telegrams, which are very confusing. Recently, the stem of NBCS is very hot, which makes many people wonder what NBCS means? This article introduces the meaning of the rice circle term NBCS. Let's get to know.

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NBCS is an acronym for 'nobody care' in English. I have to say that the special word for girls in the rice circle is really confusing. It's not a sensitive word. What can be abbreviated? In fact, there are not only NBCS, but also many confusing abbreviations. Outsiders look like decrypting telegrams.

The word was first derived from the food circle. The time when it became popular was in 2018. There was a Tucao on the Internet. Now make complaints about the acronyms.

Example of NBCS usage:

1. Miserable children have been despised since they were born. They often run and run. Their brothers and brothers break the hundred million one after another. They are pulled and stepped on and lie on the gun. They are NBCS. It's not easy to break the hundred million, and they bump into the return, so no one cares.

2. My eldest son is so miserable. He is a man. Half of the NBCS fans chase him upside down and half of the NBCS fans scold him for upside down