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Does the hair dryer hurt your hair? Is it harmful to use the hair dryer improperly

Does the hair dryer hurt your hair? Is it harmful to use the hair dryer improperly hair dryer is our most commonly used household appliance. Many people blow a beautiful shape after washing their hair. However, some people worry that the temperature of hair dryer is too high to damage the hair quality, and even the hair dryer has radiation. Is it harmful to use hair dryer? Let's have a look!

Is hair dryer harmful to hair

The correct use of hair dryer generally will not do any harm, but improper use will indeed damage the hair. When blowing hair, the hair dryer will take away the water on the hair, making the hair dry and rough, and there may be bifurcation, so we should learn to use the hair dryer correctly.

Hazards of improper use of hair dryer

1. Traumatic hair

If the hair dryer is too close to the hair, it is easy to cause the local temperature of the hair to be too high, which will lead to the thermal denaturation of the protein in the hair, deformation and bending. If it is too close, it will also damage the scalp.

2. Water loss

If you blow it too long, the water in your hair will evaporate, causing your hair to be irritable and dry. Hair looks very dry.

3. Damage scalp

If the hair dryer is too close to the hair, it will scald the scalp, and our hair is closely connected with the scalp. If the scalp is damaged, the hair will also be affected, which may lead to scalp damage and hair loss.

How to use hair dryer correctly

1. Keep the hair blowing distance

When blowing hair, it is best to ensure that the hair dryer is between 10 and 15 cm away from the hair, so that blowing hair will not easily hurt the hair.

2. Don't blow too dry

When blowing the hair, it's best not to blow it too dry, which is easy to cause dry hair. When you're not in a hurry to go out, blow the hair to 70% dry. The rest is to let it dry naturally, so that the moisture of the hair and scalp will not be blown dry, and the hair will not be dry and manic.

3. Reduce hair blowing time

It's useless to blow more hair dryers. If you can, try to reduce the use time of hair dryers. After washing your hair, we first wipe off most of the water with a wet towel, and then wipe it with a thick dry towel to ensure that there is no water dripping on your hair. In this way, we can reduce the time of blowing our hair.

4. Hair blowing temperature should not be too high

Generally, the heat of the hair dryer can be adjusted. Do not adjust the temperature of the hair dryer too high. It is not only easy to damage the hair and scalp, but also has a certain impact on the life of the hair dryer. When in use, don't always blow in one place. It's best to use the hair dryer to keep shaking to control the blowing direction.