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White clothes turn yellow. These tips help you refresh

Summer clothes are always easy to turn yellow. How can we make clothes look new?

What about yellow clothes

1. The erosion of sweat made the clothes yellow

Sweat stains are the most common 'culprit', which is particularly easy to make white shirts yellow. Many people will use a lot of washing clothes to clean Cufflinks and collars, but they still can't shake the attached yellow stains. In the face of this situation, the only remedy is to suit the case. Sweat stains contain a lot of fat, and the fat is easy to condense in the cloth fiber, so the general washing method can not be completely cleaned. When washing, add two tablespoons of ammonia, soak for a few minutes, and then gently scrub, the effect is very good.

2. The fluorescent agent weakens and turns the clothes yellow

The yellowing of clothes is mostly caused by this reason. In fact, the method to restore white and beautiful clothes is very simple, and the materials only need the waste water left by rice washing at ordinary times. First put the rice washing water into the pot to boil, then cool the boiling water a little, soak the clothes in it for a while, and then scrub them carefully. Of course, fluorescent whitening agents can also be used for this situation, but the fluorescent whitening agents now sold on the market will have certain side effects on the skin and damage the clothing materials.

3. Placing too long makes clothes yellow

Many clothes may not have been worn several times, but they are reluctant to discard them. Occasionally, when I think about it, I want to change my dress. However, I open the wardrobe and find that the clothes have turned yellow and changed their appearance for a long time. It's a pity. Just spinach water, let you easily solve the problem. The operation method is simple and easy. Just boil the spinach in the water and take it out. After the remaining soup is cooled, soak the clothes in it for about 10 minutes. Finally, wash the clothes normally.

4. Wearing too much makes clothes yellow

Clothes also belong to consumables and can not stand the test of time, especially white or light colored clothes. After wearing them for a long time, they will be dim and yellow. Some people think that exposure to the sun can make clothes white, but other auxiliary materials are also needed. Smear a little fresh lemon juice on the yellow part, and then rub it with a little salt. After drying, the clothes will return to white.

How should white clothes turn yellow

1. Alum addition method. When washing man-made fiber clothes, add some salt to the water; Washing high-grade clothes can add a small amount of alum to the water, which can avoid or reduce the fading of clothes.

2. Anti sun method. When drying clothes, turn them upside down. The sun rises in the clothes and the shade on the outside.

3. Pickling method. When washing colored cloth clothes, add 1-2 spoons of vinegar to the detergent to prevent the clothes from fading.

4. Method of adding hydrogen peroxide: for bleaching silk and wool fabrics, 3% concentration of hydrogen peroxide can be used. The amount of liquid is 10 times the weight of the fabric. In addition, a little ammonia is added to make it weakly alkaline. After soaking and bleaching at normal room temperature for 5-10 hours, wash and dry it.

5. Ink dropping method: drop 3-5 drops of pure blue ink in a basin of clean cold water, mix it evenly by hand, then put the washed and bleached white shirt into the water, lift it up and down for 3-5 times, and take it out to dry.

6. Skimmed milk soaking method: soak the white silk fabric with skimmed milk before washing, or add 2 tablespoons of milk to the water during the last rinsing, which can maintain the natural color of the white silk fabric and prevent it from turning yellow.

7. Add lemon juice method: when washing white silk fabrics (such as white socks), add some lemon juice in the water, soak for 10 minutes and then fine, and finally rinse with clean water to make the clothes more white.

8. Orange peel water immersion method: when washing white clothes, you can put the orange peel into the pot to heat and boil, soak and scrub the clothes with the Yellow soup, so that the clothes can be as white as new.

9. Radish soup washing method: white clothes with more dirt can be washed with radish soup, which can be as white as new.

How to prevent clothes from yellowing

White clothes or light colored clothes turn yellow. It's troublesome to clean them. How to prevent them before they turn yellow? Here are some tips to prevent yellowing.

First of all, before washing clothes, add color fixing agent (generally sold in regular laundry). A piece of clothes needs about 13-14g. Soak it for 2-3 minutes, and then wash it with soap. This ensures that the color of the clothes does not fade easily.

Clothes must be washed thoroughly after wearing. Try not to wash with clothes of other colors.

After the clothes are dried, they can't be folded until they are completely cold. Then store in a dry place.

You can also find a clean white plastic bag, put these light colored clothes in it, seal the plastic bag, tie the mouth of the plastic bag slightly, and exhaust the air inside. Then tighten the plastic bag mouth and find a rubber strip or rope to tie the plastic bag mouth tightly. Prevent clothing from reacting with air.