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How are the Nokia 9 pureview parameters configured? What's the price? Nokia 9 pureview preferences p

Previously, Nokia has launched Nokia's flagship 9 pureview at the hungry mwc2019 conference held at the end of February this year. Once this mobile phone appeared at the press conference, it has quickly attracted the attention of many consumers. The biggest and most attractive highlight of this mobile phone is that it has five Zeiss cameras behind it. Now many countries and regions have successively delivered goods. However, China Nokia camera phone media communication meeting will be held this afternoon according to official news. Then the parameter configuration performance highlights of Nokia flagship 9 pureview must be the most concerned. This article brings you an introduction to the parameter configuration performance highlights of Nokia flagship 9 pureview. Let's have a look.

As we all know, the biggest highlight of Nokia 9 pureview is its rear five Zeiss certified lenses. These five lenses are 12 million effective pixels, f1.8 aperture and 1.25 micron pixel size, two of which are RGB color and three are black and white. When the user takes photos, the five cameras will take photos with different exposures at the same time, and then output photos with higher image quality combined with coprocessor (ASIC chip) and multi frame synthesis algorithm. The total number of pixels to be processed reaches 60 million, supports raw, and the dynamic range reaches 12.4.

In other aspects, Nokia 9 pureview adopts a 5.99-inch p-oled bangless full screen design with a resolution of 1440 & times; 2880, accounting for 79.76%. Equipped with the previous generation flagship processor Xiaolong 845, it is equipped with 6GB memory + 128GB storage and supports on-screen fingerprint identification. The built-in 3320mah battery supports 18W fast charging, Qi wireless charging and IP67 waterproof and dustproof.

As for the price, the price of Nokia 9 pureview in Hong Kong is HK $4988, about 4300 yuan, and the price of BOC version is expected to be about 4000 yuan. However, it has been reported that the price of the National Bank of China of the aircraft is 3599 yuan. It is unclear which message is more reliable. The truth will be officially announced at the communication meeting in the afternoon. We will wait and see.