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Wallpaper dirty how to clean wallpaper dirty cleaning tips

Wallpaper dirty how to clean wallpaper dirty cleaning tips now, when many friends decorate their homes, they will choose wallpaper. Compared with painting, there is no air pollution, and it can also play a good decorative effect, but wallpaper also has disadvantages. Dirty wallpaper is a headache for many people, so how to clean dirty wallpaper? Let's take a look at the cleaning tips when the wallpaper is dirty.

1. Surface dust treatment

If there is only a lot of dust on the surface of wallpaper, it is easier to do. If there is a vacuum cleaner, just clean it with a vacuum cleaner. If not, buy a feather duster at home, and the effect of dusting with a feather duster is the same, but don't wipe it with a cloth stained with water, which can not only remove dust effectively, but also stain the surface of wallpaper.

2. Common stain cleaning

The longer you stay, you will inevitably get stains on the wallpaper. Don't worry at all. As long as we can use a soft rag, dip it with water, screw it until it doesn't drip, and gently wipe the surface, we can effectively deal with ordinary substances.

3. Cleaning of color pen stains

If there are children at home, there must be a lot of color pen stains on the wallpaper. Generally, the pencil stains are gently wiped on the surface with an eraser; If it is a watercolor pen stain, you can wipe it with soapy water, and then wipe it with a soft dry cloth; If it is crayon stain, gently wipe it with a sponge; Ball point pen stains need to be cleaned with a semi wet towel.

4. Cleaning of oil stains

Generally, there will be oil stains on the wallpaper. If there are any, we also have methods to remove them. For some stubborn oil stains and soup stains, we can choose to dilute the detergent into a mixture of low concentration. Generally, the ratio of detergent to water is 1:3. Then dip a little with a soft cloth, screw it dry and wipe it.