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Can I dry clothes in smog? What should we pay attention to in haze days

Can I dry clothes in smog? I'm afraid this is a question in the hearts of many people.

Can I dry clothes in smog

Laundry has become a difficult problem in haze days. Many people are obsessed with whether to dry the clothes after washing. If not, the clothes dry slowly and have a musty smell. If they are dried, they are afraid of being polluted. In haze or cloudy days, put underwear outside to dry, and then put it on, it will have a certain impact on the skin. In haze weather, first, the air will be relatively humid. If the close fitting clothes are not dried, it may cause skin discomfort. In addition, many micro particles will float in the haze, and most of these are mainly pollutants such as automobile exhaust. When close clothes are dried outside, small particles are easy to adhere to them and breed bacteria, which may cause skin discomfort and, in serious cases, cause rash or skin allergy.

Experts suggest that the indoor air circulation is relatively slow, and it is recommended to put personal clothes indoors to dry in haze days. Hang the clothes out when it just clears up, so that the ultraviolet rays in the sun will automatically sterilize and disinfect. Underwear invaded by haze will have a certain impact on the skin, especially those with skin allergy. Therefore, it is recommended not to dry clothes in haze weather. You can use a dryer to dry them first.

How to dry clothes in haze days

Drying clothes in a haze day, for example, is like drying white radishes outside. After a long time, you will find a lot of dust sticking to them. Therefore, the best time to dry clothes is when the weather is sunny and the ventilation is good, so that the ultraviolet rays in the sun will automatically sterilize and disinfect, and the pollutants in the air will not be easily contaminated on the clothes. In addition, clothes stained with moisture had better not be on the upper body, and the best way to dry close fitting clothes in haze days is to dry the close fitting clothes with a dryer or dry them indoors, and hang them outdoors to dry them when the weather is sunny and there is no haze. A good clothes dryer is very important at this time. After the clothes are washed, they can be dried in the dryer. It can also disinfect and sterilize the close fitting clothes and baby's clothes.

Precautions in haze days

1. Wash your face, rinse your mouth and clean your nose when you go out and go home.

This is very important. Although we wear masks or headscarves, the dust is everywhere in the air, and you can't completely isolate it. It's a good habit to wash your face, gargle and clean your nose when you go home.

2. Reduce the amount of going out and wear a mask when going out.

This is a basic common sense. Pay more attention to the weather. In case of haze, try not to go out. For example, the school is closed, so take your children at home. However, we office workers still need to go out to work. Then, it is necessary to prepare masks at home and go out with masks in haze weather, which can effectively filter harmful pollutants to a certain extent.

3. Don't exercise outdoors.

For the elderly who love sports, especially morning exercises, there are usually many elderly people in the park. In case of haze weather, don't go out for morning exercises. It is easy to stimulate the respiratory tract and cause certain infection. You'd better wait for the haze to subside for a few days before resuming your exercise plan.

4. Prepare more masks and wash them once at a time.

People who pay attention to hygiene are like this, which is also a more effective way to reduce the damage of haze. Every time I go out and go home, clean this mask as soon as possible and use another clean one the next day. Otherwise, the pollutants left on the mask may affect you the next day.

5. Light diet, eat more vegetables and fruits.

Try to avoid the excessive stimulation of heavy taste, fried and spicy food, eat more vegetables and fruits, supplement more vitamins, and some foods that clear the lung and moisten the throat, which can well alleviate the impact of haze.

6. Try not to open windows at home.

In addition to not going out, it also resists smog pollutants outside and cannot be allowed to enter the home. At this time, the habit of getting up and opening windows every day will be a little slower. It's better to wait for the haze to get better, wait for the sun to come out, and slowly subside. It's not too late to open the window.