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Is glory V20 worth starting with? What are the highlights?

Huawei mobile phones have rapidly traveled all over the world in recent years. Huawei mobile phones have occupied the mobile phone market with high configuration, beautiful appearance and strong performance. Many people will consider buying Apple before buying mobile phones. Now more and more people like Huawei mobile phones. On December 26, Huawei mobile phone released glory V20, which can also be called a dazzling mobile phone. So is glory V20 worth starting with? What are the highlights?

The mobile phone is awesome, innovative and cost-effective. 6+128GB's high price version is only 2999 yuan, which is the most cost-effective flagship mobile phone.

So what is the configuration of this cost-effective glory mobile phone? Is it worth starting? Let's learn about glory V20.

Let's take a look at the hardware first. Glory V20 is equipped with Kirin 980 chip and runs the emui 9 system based on android9 pie. The memory is 6 + 128GB and 8 + 128GB. The CPU subsystem of Kirin 980 is newly designed and intelligent scheduling mechanism is added.

It has realized the development and commercialization based on cortex-a76 for the first time in the world, and creatively designed a three-level energy efficiency structure of 2 Super cores, 2 large cores and 4 small cores. The CPU can be flexibly adapted in different use scenarios to reduce energy consumption.

It can be said that the progress of Kirin 980 is really great and impeccable. This is also a highlight of glory V20.

In terms of appearance, the biggest feature of glory V20 is the 'charming eye full screen' created by glory. 6.4 inches, 1080p resolution, LCD material and charming eye aperture of 4.5mm fully meet people's imagination of the ultimate comprehensive screen.

Meiyan full screen is defined as the third generation full screen. The front camera is completely embedded under the screen, the screen is not perforated, and there is a more comprehensive display area when the screen is on. The aperture of glory V20 is controlled at the limit of 4.5mm, the hole area is reduced by half, and the front camera is completely embedded under the screen and integrated with the display screen.

And use transparent materials to make light enter, so as to achieve the minimum visual interference. In order to achieve an ultra-small aperture of 4.5mm, glory has specially customized the front camera lens. At the same time, it also adopts 5-axis high-precision dispensing and more extreme assembly technology to make the black edge around the front camera narrower.

Huawei mobile phones have always been in a leading position in photography. This time, the glory V20 is equipped with Sony's high-end camera imx586, which supports 48 million ultra-high pixels, 1 / 2.0-inch super large sensor size, pixel four in one color filter, and 4x hardware HDR. Even at night, it can still take bright and low-noise photos and videos.

Different from the previous two shot and three shot configuration, its sub camera adopts a TOF stereo deep feeling lens, which can be used to shoot 3D faces, play somatosensory games, etc. in the future, with the development of software, this lens will have richer playing methods.

In terms of front selfie, V20 is equipped with a 25 megapixel front lens, which makes you take selfie more calmly and don't fall behind.

In addition, glory V20 also has a large 4000mAh battery, supports 22.5w fast charging and link turbo full network aggregation technology, and can connect mobile data and WiFi at the same time. This technology is of great significance even in the upcoming 5g era.

Overall, glory V20 continues the tradition of outstanding cost performance of glory series. The performance, appearance value, camera and function have reached the level of the flagship machine.