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Have you heard of all these laundry mistakes? Interpretation of correct washing and care methods

Everyone can wash clothes, but there are some misunderstandings you need to understand in order to make the clothes that touch our body cleaner and healthier.

Do you believe these laundry mistakes?

Myth 1: put clothes first and then detergent and disinfectant

"Many people are used to putting clothes into the washing machine or basin first, and then injecting water and detergent. This is the most common mistake." Experts explained that this will make the clothes adhere to too much detergent or bactericide, which is easy to make the clothes white and different colors. At the same time, the concentration of a local detergent is too high, which is easy to rinse incompletely and stimulate the skin.

Myth 2: the more detergents and disinfectants you put, the better

Experts say that when the detergent reaches a certain concentration, the decontamination effect will be saturated and will not be enhanced. If the dosage is too large, it will cause a waste of water and detergent, and it will be easy to produce residue. In addition, a British study found that if you put too much disinfectant, it will reduce the normal immune ability of the human body and make people more vulnerable to external bacteria.

Myth 3: cleaners and disinfectants can be used indefinitely

Most people buy detergents and disinfectants and rarely look at the shelf life. In this regard, experts said that, in fact, both detergents and disinfectants have a shelf life. After the shelf life, their effective components will gradually become invalid and can not play their due role in decontamination and disinfection.

Myth 4: mixed use of detergent and disinfectant

A CCTV program once reported that a housewife mixed toilet cleaning spirit, detergent and detergent in order to decontaminate more thoroughly. As a result, a large amount of chlorine gas was produced, resulting in the housewife's chlorine poisoning death. Recently, the Centers for Disease Control and prevention also issued a warning not to mix detergents and disinfectants.

Myth 5. Put softener in laundry

When some housewives wash clothes, especially cotton goods, they always put some softener. They feel that the clothes washed in this way are fluffy and supple. However, according to the survey data of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, clothing softeners contain a variety of dangerous chemical components, including benzyl acetate, benzyl alcohol, limonene, aloe alcohol, chloroform and so on. As the softener will remain in the clothes, these chemicals will be slowly released and penetrate into the skin or air. Especially if there are old people and children at home, keep away from softeners.

Myth 6: mixed use of washing powder and soap

When someone washed clothes with washing powder, he saw that the collar and cuff were too dirty, so he applied soap on them, thinking that this would enhance the decontamination effect. In fact, this is wrong, because washing powder is weakly acidic and soap is weakly alkaline. They are used together and neutralized by acid and alkali. As a result, the washing effect of both is weakened and the decontamination effect is reduced. The correct way is to use only one kind of washing products and increase the dosage at the neckline and cuffs.