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How to deodorize and wash the cotton slippers in winter before they can be kept properly

Spring is coming, and the heavy cotton slippers can be washed and put away in winter. How to deal with the cotton slippers that have been worn for a season?

The right way to wear cotton slippers

Because the soles of cotton slippers are hard and not as soft as clothes, it will be very inconvenient to clean them, so many people are reluctant to clean Ming's cotton slippers, which creates an excellent breeding environment for bacteria. With bacteria, the cotton slippers will take off and produce peculiar smell. Wearing such cotton slippers, Of course, diseases such as foot odor and beriberi will spread rapidly among family members. Therefore, no matter how troublesome the cleaning of cotton slippers is, they must be cleaned regularly, and frequently exposed to the sun to sterilize and disinfect the cotton slippers. This is the correct way to wear cotton slippers.

Correct cleaning method of cotton slippers

In addition to a large number of bacteria on the inside, the outer layer of cotton slippers will also be stained with a lot of dust stains. Therefore, before cleaning cotton slippers, we need to first wash the dust stains on the surface of cotton slippers, and then soak the cotton slippers in warm water mixed with washing liquid for half an hour at the cotton slipper soaking station. After soaking, brush the inside of the shoes hard, In particular, some dead corners need to be brushed well so that all bacteria can be killed. Finally, they can be washed with clean water and then dried in the air, so as to achieve good cleaning.

Dehumidification and deodorization of cotton slippers

After finishing the cleaning method of cotton slippers, the last point to emphasize is the dehumidification and deodorization of cotton slippers. After all, wet cotton slippers will also give bacteria a lot of room to reproduce. We can put some quicklime powder or activated carbon in the shoes before going to bed every night. If these are not standing at home, some cotton stained with alcohol can also be used. After one night's action, quicklime and charcoal can absorb the moisture in the shoes and have a strong deodorization function. In addition, the alcohol volatilization process will also take away the odor in the shoes and disinfect the shoes. Wearing cotton slippers the next day will feel more dry and comfortable.

Although it is very important to keep warm in winter, the cleaning of cold proof tools can not be left behind. Only by better cleaning and disinfection can we be responsible for our health. What other tips do you have for the cleaning of cotton slippers?