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Tips for washing and protecting different fabrics learn to wear new clothes every day

Each kind of clothing care is different. If you want to keep the clothes properly, you should wash and protect them according to the material of the clothes.

Pure cotton clothes

Fabric characteristics: comfortable and soft, moisture absorption and ventilation

Fabric disadvantages: easy to fade, easy to pilling, easy to shrink

Washing and care method:

· Pure cotton clothes should be hand washed under 30 ℃ water temperature, and machine washing and drying are easy to shrink the clothes.

· Dark cotton clothes soaked in salt water for 2-3 hours before wearing for the first time will reduce the fading degree.

· Printed and dark cotton clothes should be washed on the back and dried on the back to avoid long-term exposure.

· After wearing pure cotton clothes and sweating intensively, wash them in time to avoid fading or discoloration caused by overnight.

Silk clothing

Fabric features: light and delicate, comfortable and close to the skin

Fabric disadvantages: poor wear resistance, easy to wrinkle and fade

Washing and care method:

· Choose special detergent or shower gel for silk cleaning. Ordinary detergent is easy to make silk hard and thick.

· Soak silk clothes in cold water for 5 ~ 10 minutes and gently rub them. Do not rub them hard.

· Dry in a cool and ventilated place with the back of the clothes facing out.

· When storing white silk clothes, do not put camphor pills. Wrap them with Sydney paper to avoid yellowing.

· When ironing, use low-temperature steam to iron gently, and avoid high-temperature ironing.

Linen clothing

Fabric features: comfortable and cool, antibacterial and anti allergic

Fabric disadvantages: easy to wrinkle, poor dimensional stability of clothes

Washing and care method:

· Use neutral detergent and knead gently with low-temperature water.

· Do not twist it hard. It is better to dry it with water after cleaning.

· Hemp clothing has high heat resistance and can be ironed with high-temperature steam.

· When storing, it shall be folded neatly and avoid heavy pressure.

Wool clothing

Fabric characteristics: soft, elastic, delicate and exquisite

Fabric disadvantages: easy to shrink and moth

Washing and care method:

· The special washer for wool shall be selected and should be cleaned with cold water.

· Wool clothes should not be soaked for too long, 5 ~ 10 minutes is better.

· After cleaning, gently pinch the water with your hands and do not screw it dry.

· Wool clothes should be laid flat and dried, and avoid long-term exposure.


Fabric features: wear resistant and breathable, not easy to deform

Fabric disadvantages: poor color fastness

Washing and care method:

· Hand washing can keep the original color of jeans to the greatest extent.

· Before the dark denim is launched for the first time, mix the white vinegar with water in the ratio of 1:20 and soak the denim for 20 ~ 3- minutes to help maintain the original color of the denim.

· Dry the reverse side to avoid long-term exposure.

· Denim products shall be cleaned as few times as possible.