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How to put the TV in the living room? Feng Shui taboo in the living room

How to put the TV in the living room? Feng Shui taboo in the living room now the TV set in the living room is the best match. A family can occasionally spend a good time in front of the TV, but the display of TV in the living room is also exquisite. Let's watch the Feng Shui taboo on TV in the living room.

The living room and TV are inseparable. In the living room, TV is one of the indispensable equipment. Not only does it bring fun to life, TV is also the most conspicuous home appliance in the living room. However, there is a certain emphasis on how to place TV in the living room. While pursuing beauty, Feng Shui is also something that many families should consider. So what are the Feng Shui taboos in TV display? Let's learn about it with Xiaobian!

The best placement of TV in the living room

After a general understanding of the placement of the TV in the living room, you may have questions, so how should the TV in the living room be placed so as not to disturb the original magnetic field in the living room? What is the best location of the TV? In fact, when placing the TV in the living room, we should pay attention to the circulation of the wind. The wind can blow away the turbid gas, and the TV will produce turbid gas. Therefore, the TV in the living room should be placed in the place with air circulation when it is arranged at home. And because the five elements of TV power cost a lot of money, and the five elements show that water conquers gold, the TV in the living room should not be placed far away from the water source. If there is no water source nearby, a small basin of water can be placed near the TV to coordinate the gas field, so as to return the magnetic field disturbed by the TV to the original order.

Avoid the position of wealth

As we all know, there is a position representing the wealth of the family in the living room, that is, the wealth position. When placing the TV, we must avoid this area, because the wealth position should gather wealth, and the TV, as an entertainment equipment, will have various sounds and vibrations. If placed on the wealth position, the wealth of the whole family will dissipate, and even be detrimental to the career of the family.

It's better to combine the master's fate with happiness and taboo

The placement of TV sets should be combined with the owner's fate. From the perspective of Feng Shui, the location of TV sets has a great impact on home feng shui. For example, the host, Ximu, puts the TV in the West. When the host watches TV, he sits from east to west, because the East belongs to wood. The ideal Feng Shui level is for people in Ximu to sit in the position of belonging to wood and watch TV.

Pay attention to heat dissipation when placing TV sets

Because the volatile heat of such equipment will change with the screen size during operation, generally speaking, the larger the product, the more heat dissipation, and the accumulation of this heat is very easy to cause the movement of air flow in the room, so as to change the trend of Feng Shui. Therefore, it is best to put the TV in a place with good ventilation and easy heat dissipation.