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17 tips for life what about clothes stained with stains?

There are some small problems in life. Today I'll teach you some tips about clothing maintenance.

1. For the ugly yellow sweat stains under the armpits of clothes, if they are slight, they can be solved with diluted lemonade. If they are tenacious, they can mix baking soda and water, apply them to the stained place for a few minutes, and then carry out the general laundry process.

2. Are you afraid that the buttons on the clothes that have been slightly loosened will suddenly fall off? In case of emergency, you can first apply some transparent nail polish to reinforce it. However, it is the best policy to stitch the button quickly.

3. What should I do if I accidentally get a small oil stain on my clothes? Put a small amount of dishwashing detergent on the oil stain and wipe it. Dishwashing detergent will help you remove the oil stain.

4. Put the jeans into sealed bags and send them to the freezer. The low temperature will kill the bacteria that bring odor on the jeans.

5. When the clothes are stained with lipstick, just spray the hair gel on the place stained with lipstick, let it stand for a period of time and then wash it!

6. Leather shoes fade and scratch, but there is no special product to clean shoes at home? Then use a cloth and dip in the right amount of lotion to wipe it.

7. Suede shoes are dirty. Just use a 'nail file' to clean them.

8, silk stockings accidentally break will break bigger, as long as the silk stockings holes in the place coated with transparent nail polish, can make "calamity" will not continue to expand.

9. The zipper of the coat is stuck and can't be pulled up anyway? Dip a cotton swab with vaseline and try it!

10, the red stains on clothes can be removed by using Baijiu, and smeared with Baijiu on the stains, then put in a quiet time for a while, and then washed.

11, the clothes are covered with liquid foundation. They can be solved with shaving cream. First, apply them to the stained areas, then wash them after a while.

12. After exercise, put a little baking soda in your sneakers to help absorb sweat and eliminate peculiar smell.

13. Glasses or sunglasses are loose, but there is just no tool to lock them? A little transparent nail polish will help!

14. It's hard to avoid scratches on Painted Leather shoes. Just dip Vaseline with a cotton swab, and then wipe it back!

15. If the leather shoes are stained by the rain, you can mix the water and vinegar in the ratio of 2:1, and finally clean them with a toothbrush.

16. If there is a peculiar smell on the clothes, you can mix the lemon juice and water, pour them into the spray bottle and spray them on the clothes to help eliminate the peculiar smell.

17. To make patent leather shoes as bright as new, just wipe them with window cleaner.