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What is the cause of the fire at Notre Dame de Paris

What is the cause of the fire at Notre Dame de Paris Recently, Notre Dame de Paris caught fire. Notre Dame de Paris is a historical and cultural heritage of all mankind, which makes the world feel sad. What is the cause of the fire? Let's take a look at the latest news of the Notre Dame fire in Paris.

The fire started from the roof of Notre Dame in Paris. The fire soon spread and the spire collapsed. After that, all the wooden frames of Notre Dame in Paris were burning.

According to firefighters, the fire may be related to the renovation of Notre Dame in Paris. As of 21:00 local time, the fire had not been extinguished.

French President macron rushed to the scene after the incident, saying that "the whole country is in a deep mood". On twitter, US President trump suggested watering the fire from the air.

Subsequently, the French prosecution began to investigate the cause of the fire. After more than four hours of fire fighting, according to the preliminary investigation, the prosecutor believes that the fire occurred accidentally.

The fire department said the two towers survived. Firefighters tried to prevent the fire from spreading to the clock tower, and one firefighter was seriously injured. During the fire fighting, many people knelt down to pray for Notre Dame. At present, many works of art remain in the church, causing concern.

Notre Dame de Paris is located on the Bank of the Seine River in the center of Paris. It was built in 1163 and completed in 1345. It is famous for the novel of the same name by French writer Hugo.