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How to clean the long used pillowcase? This move is simple and easy to use!

Generally speaking, in order to facilitate cleaning, everyone will put a pillow case on the pillow, but the pillow case will turn yellow forever. How can we clean it?

As something that comes into contact with our face and head every day, it is necessary to clean the pillow case in time, otherwise it will easily cause the breeding of bacteria, and it will be bad to damage the skin of our face at that time, so cleaning in time is on the one hand, on the other hand, because the residue of sebum is easy to leave yellow and difficult to remove stains on the pillow case, At this time, it is certainly useless to use water directly. At this time, we need to add our secret decontamination weapon 'white vinegar'.

You should also know the decontamination and cleaning ability of white vinegar. Remove the pillow case, soak it in the basin containing white vinegar, and let the white vinegar soak the pillow case for half an hour. After the stain fully reacts with the white vinegar. Then change a basin of warm water, sprinkle baking soda and washing powder, and continue to soak for about 10 minutes. At this time, it will be much easier to wash, and the pillow will soon become as clean as new.

In addition, the pillow case is sterilized while cleaning. Vinegar and baking soda go into battle together. Not only the decontamination effect is very good, but also the cleaning ability is quite good. You don't have to rub and wash. Soaking for more time will be much better than clean water. Have you learned such a simple cleaning method? Take advantage of the good weather to wash all the pillowcases at home and have a clean new year!