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What is the cause of the Notre Dame fire in Paris

What is the cause of the Notre Dame fire in Paris Recently, the fire of Notre Dame in Paris, France caused an uproar. The fire lasted four hours and 800 years of historical and cultural relics were destroyed. At present, the fire has been controlled. Let's look at the cause of the incident.

Here is a summary of the key points:

1. The initial result of the fire was an accident, which was reported to be related to the recent renovation project.

2. The fire started in the attic and then spread to the roof.

3. The wooden frame was basically burned.

4. The spire collapsed in the fire.

5. Some works of art were transferred by firefighters, and most of them remained inside the building.

6. At present, the fire department said that the main structure survived.

7. The rose window is damaged.

8. More than 400 firefighters participated in the fire fighting, and one was seriously injured.

9. The fire department did not use the aircraft to spray water in the air to fight the fire, because it may cause the building structure to collapse.

10. Macron cancelled his speech and rushed to the scene, saying that he had avoided the worst result and would work together to rebuild Notre Dame in Paris.

11. Many people sang for Notre Dame de Paris, and some knelt down to pray for Notre Dame.

12. Leaders of many countries expressed their regret over the fire and said that Notre Dame de Paris was the wealth of the world.

13. At present, the total loss caused by the fire has not been calculated.