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What kinds of cream do you have? The use of cream and the top ten cream brands in Korea

​&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203; Cream is a necessary skin care product for female skin care. The main function of face cream is to lock water. Therefore, people who are dry and easy to get water in daily life need to use cream more. In spring, autumn, winter and other dry and water shortage seasons, every girl must have a good cream. So what types of cream are there? Do you know? How to use face cream correctly? What are the cream brands for good use? This article gives you the cream of the cream, the techniques and the ten cream brands in Korea. Let's see what you love.

What kinds of face cream do you have in winter? What are the tips for using facial cream?

Cream should be a necessary skin care product for dry prevention in winter. In winter, the skin is prone to some changes when the weather is bad. Skin cream is the best nutriment to help skin safely pass the winter. What are the tricks of using cream?

What kinds of cream do you have?

1. Moisturizing Cream

Moisturizing cream has high water content, good ductility, easy to push and absorb, high humidity, can help the skin maintain the nutrition of skin care products, is not easy to evaporate and lock moisture and nutrition. Generally, moisturizing cream contains moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycerol, amino acid and collagen.

2, anti aging cream

This kind of old face cream has the ability of double resistance to aging. It can promote the regeneration of skin cells, promote the composition of collagen, improve the skin's various lines, brighten the complexion and make the skin more delicate and soft. And anti aging cream generally contains vitamin A, collagen and so on.

3. Whitening cream.

This product contains arbutin, vitamin C and other whitening ingredients. It is safe and reliable. It does not stimulate the skin and does not contain alcohol. It can gently penetrate into the skin, improve the dark yellow complexion and brighten the complexion.

What are the tips for using facial cream?

1, make-up water to activate large energy cream, reserve time to be absorbed.

Before using the cream, you can not omit the important steps of replenishing water. Soften the keratin. When injected into the water, you can absorb the following nutrients highly. Before going to bed, you must set aside a certain amount of time for the skin care products to absorb. Otherwise, the luxurious ingredients of the moisturizing cream will be carelessly stained on your pillow.

2. Scoop for use, fresh and clean

Do not pick them with your hands. The reason is that bacteria and sebum on your fingers are the arch criminal of the cream. Therefore, when you use cream every day, remember to clean your hands, use the auxiliary spoon, then close the bottle cap, prevent the contamination of skin care products, and ensure the efficacy of the cream is the best.

3. Avoid applying around the eyes to prevent fat particles

As everyone knows, cream is the best nutrition in many skin care products. Because of its good nutritional ability, it may cause excessive secretion of skin oil around the eyes, resulting in fat particles around the eyes. Therefore, many sisters need to do enough homework, choose the right cream, use the right place, give full play to the efficacy of the cream.

The above is about the types of winter cream and what knowledge of using skills. I believe that after reading the above contents, you have a general understanding of this problem. If you want to make your skin more perfect in this winter, you should pay attention to the above points, hoping that the above content can help you.

Top 10 cream brands in Korea

Replenishing water is an essential step, and it is also the common trouble of many beauties. Only using water emulsion can not solve the problem of dry skin, so cream is particularly important. South Korea's skin care product reputation has been very good, so the following Xiaobian to recommend to you a few good Korean cream!

Snowflake ginseng Facial Cream 60ml

Features: contain ginseng extract, strengthen skin barrier, improve skin quality, and help fade traces; From application to absorption, it fits closely to the skin, so that nutrients can be effectively absorbed by the skin, and fully moisturize and moisturize the skin. After use, the skin is moist and not greasy.

Usage: in the morning and evening at the repair cream stage, apply an appropriate amount to the whole face gently according to the skin texture. Suitable for women over 30

Snowflake elastic Cream 75ml

Features: make the skin firm and help increase the skin elasticity, restore the original health of the skin, enhance the skin elasticity, naturally integrate the skin, improve the elasticity and strengthen the foundation of the skin.

Usage: after using the eye cream in the morning and evening, take an appropriate amount of the product and gently smear it on the face and neck along the skin texture. Suitable for women over 20 years old

Horse oil cream 70ml

Product introduction: it is extracted and developed from nine kinds of natural plants. It has the effects of lightening and removing spots and deeply disintegrating melanin. It can effectively alleviate the redness and swelling caused by ultraviolet rays, improve skin gloss, moisturize, anti wrinkle and whitening.

Usage: first use finger or special cosmetic spoon to dig the right amount of cream into the palm of your hand, and warm it with palm temperature, so that the ingredients of the cream can be activated, especially with plant ingredients, which is more conducive to the absorption of the skin.

Jiuduoyun freckle cream 50ml

Features: imported horse oil is used as raw material. It has a good effect on scars, caesarean section scars, anti wrinkle and delicate skin. It can keep hydrating for 72 hours. It has good repair effect and is the most mild and effective scar removing product at present

Usage: there are many ways to use horse oil. It is recommended to moisturize the skin with horse oil after washing the face. The ingredients of horse oil will quickly penetrate into the surface of the skin before makeup in the morning or after bathing in the evening.

Ice snail Cream 60ml

Features: the main effect of white snail cream is to regenerate the skin, repair and tighten pores, and have a good recovery effect on acne and damaged skin. Red ginseng snail cream is more moisturizing and more wrinkle resistant than white snail cream. It is an upgraded version of snail cream

Usage: apply an appropriate amount to the palm or fingertip to warm for a few seconds, and then evenly press it on the face and neck. Use it once every morning and evening for about 2 weeks. The skin will be soft, delicate, elastic and energetic.

Cleo Su Yan Cream 50ml

Features: no makeup removal, cream texture, just like turning on the beauty camera! A full-effect whitening cream containing snail stock solution can remove spots, whiten, shrink pores, improve dark yellow fine lines and dry skin. It can be used by pregnant women and sensitive muscles without adding or stimulating

Usage: in the final stage of basic care, take an appropriate amount of this product, evenly apply it to the face, and gently pat it until it is completely absorbed.

Jayjun Aqua light regeneration crocodile cream 70g

Characteristics: unlike any highly effective moisturizing cream, it will wipe out a kind of magic that makes your skin soft. It has never been slippery. The face will be very smooth. It seems that there is no strange place. But slowly push the skin to melt and soften and soften. You can clearly feel that the brush has become very soft and feels a touch of velvet. The texture will also fade, and when the cream is turned into enjoyment, every skin care link will want to use it.

Usage: take appropriate amount of this product, evenly apply it on the face, and gently pat until it is completely absorbed. Suitable for any skin

Banilan plain face cream 50ml

Features: the sister without makeup can be used as a moisturizing cream, which can not only moisturize but also brighten and improve her complexion. If the makeup mm uses her, it's OK to apply some BB or CC. If she has a better foundation, she can go out with this one. This plain cream is combined with the formula of banelan's home makeup pre milk.

Usage: for post emulsion phase. Apply proper amount onto the face evenly until absorbed

50ML green tea seed cream

Characteristics: green tea seed extract is not common green tea seed.

It is the green tea seed of the green tea tree growing in the organic green tea garden in Jeju Island. It is picked after the root fully absorbs the water in the soil,

This green tea seed has super high natural moisture at birth, and when it comes to skin contact, you can feel its moisture content.

Usage: apply the appropriate cream to the face gently and gently massage the skin with your fingers, so that the skin can fully absorb.

Baby dew Cream 100g

Features: baolulu children's moisturizing cream is a children's moisturizing product designated by Korean pharmacies. It has six grain ingredients: mung bean, white rice, corn, soybean, rice bran, black bean, no preservative, no pigment, no talcum powder, no benzophenone. Parents can rest assured to use it for their children!

Usage: it is usually used to replenish water. Before going out to play, apply sunscreen after use. It can be repaired after exposure to the sun! A small box is enough to deal with children's skin redness, swelling, dryness and itching! The whole family can use it together!