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How to choose infant skin care products? Selection method of infant skin care products and ranking o

​&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203; Now many children are the only children in the family. As the only child in the family, the elders take great care of them. Babies' skin is very delicate, so they need special attention and protection, otherwise they are very prone to skin problems, such as long rash, eczema and so on. However, infants' skin is very picky about skin care products. How to choose infant skin care products? This article brings you the selection method of infant skin care products and the ranking list of the best infant skin care products. Let's have a look.

How to choose infant skin care products

The baby's skin is delicate and easy to be infringed by the outside world, especially in the summer when it is bitten by mosquitoes and hot and red, it is more prone to red itching and eczema, which makes mom and dad feel distressed. Why is the baby's skin so fragile? We have to start from the source.

1、 The baby's skin has poor ability to regulate acid-base

When the fabric of clothes is not suitable, you will always feel itchy on your body, but if you put it on your baby, it's not as simple as itching. The place where the baby comes into contact with clothes will turn red, and in serious cases, a large piece of small pimple will grow. This is because the baby's skin has poor ability to regulate acid-base, so it is easy to be 'disturbed' by foreign objects.

2、 The baby's thermoregulation ability is poor

The baby's sweat glands and circulatory system are not fully developed. In case of cooling and heating, you can't keep fat warm, and you can't sweat a lot to expel heat, so it's easy to get sick.

3、 The baby's lacrimal gland is immature

We always say that the baby crying is' dry thunder and no rain ', which really wrongs the baby, because their lacrimal glands have not yet developed and matured! However, it is precisely because of this that when the baby's eyes are stimulated, it is easy to get hurt without tears to help reduce the injury.

In order to enhance the resistance of the baby's skin, baomoms must replenish more water for the baby at ordinary times. The water in the baby's body can not only be obtained in breast milk, but also eat more fruits and vegetables at ordinary times. However, these are not enough. The skin is the baby's outermost 'armor'. We should maintain and care this armor to prevent the invasion of external bacteria.

However, when choosing skin care products for your baby, you can't measure them by adult standards. Those who focus on whitening, freckle and acne removal and moisturizing don't. your baby needs more than these requirements!

Designed for babies

Parents must choose washing products specially designed for the baby, with ingredients in line with the baby's skin characteristics, no stimulation to the baby's skin and certain protective effects.

The whole series of products are specially developed for delicate skin of infants and young children. They are made of natural plant ingredients. 90% of the raw and auxiliary materials are imported from abroad. They do not contain alcohol, hormone, sunscreen, pigment, etc. the quality is mild, and infants can rest assured to use them.

Safe and assured

At the same time, pay attention to the safety of baby washing and care products. It is best to choose products with good quality after strict medical testing to prevent poor quality skin care products from irritating the baby's skin.

All products of Huaer have passed the toxicological test report, passed the microbial monitoring results, proved that there are no harmful bacteria in the products, and passed the hygienic chemical test results, proving that the concentrations of mercury, arsenic and lead in the products are within the safe range; The toxicological test results show that the product has no irritation and mild quality.

Mild without irritation

It is best to choose products containing 'tear free formula', especially the two in one product of washing and care, so as to prevent the baby's eyes from being stimulated when washing Baobao's hair.

Flower after flower washing products adopt tear free formula to gently take care of baby's soft eye mask. Mild formula is more suitable for baby's delicate skin. Moreover, the shampoo product is a silicone oil-free formula. As we all know, the long-term use of shampoo containing silicone oil will lead to greasy, dandruff, thick hair and close to the scalp. Silicone oil-free shampoo can deeply clean, refreshing and non greasy, really clean the hair dirt and keep the hair dark and bright.

For more knowledge of childcare, welcome to the official account of the flower baby skin care, waiting for you at the other end, and the wonderful welfare sent from time to time.

Disclaimer: This article publicizes business information for enterprises and is only for users' reference. If users use it as a reference for consumer behavior, advises users to make a careful decision.

Baby skin care products list baby skin care products recommendation

The baby's skin is relatively tender. In terms of using skin care products, we should choose products with mild, non irritating and relatively single effect. What skin care products should we choose to take good care of the baby's delicate skin?

Non irritating baby anti itching Lotion

This product extracts Tommy essence extract, rich rice hydrolyzed protein, gives baby mild care, five in one, effectively solves baby's skin problem, can form a protective film on the baby's skin surface, effectively isolate milk, sweat, urine, etc., obstruct bacteria and other stimulates baby's young skin, quickly stop itching, stop prickly heat, effectively inhibit and moisten the skin.

Baby Moisturizing Lotion

This moisturizing lotion contains the ingredients of the lotus seed oil. The plant essence extract provides long-lasting moisturizing effect, contains the formula of the butter resin and softens the skin. The texture of the emulsion is easy to smear, non sticky, easy to absorb, and make the skin soft, silky, moisturizing, moisturizing, natural, safe and healthy.

France yingzifang Lotion Set baby skin care products

The product is rich in minerals and trace elements. It replenishes water and penetrates the skin. It has soothing ingredients. It can naturally moisturize and deeply moisturize the skin, improve human immunity, supplement calcium, avoid direct stimulation to the skin such as defecation, and effectively prevent and improve eczema, diaper rash and other symptoms.

Tea baby skin care product set

Baby care set has bath, talcum powder, cream and moisturizing lotion. Rice noodles, tea polyphenols, delicate skin and comfortable skin are used to relieve skin distress. It can effectively reduce the friction between baby's skin and clothing, keep skin tender and delicate, and make baby's skin comfortable, dry, tender and elastic.

California Baby Calendula Natural Baby Cream Cream

This product contains the effective ingredients of Calendula. It has good effects on baby eczema, diaper rash, angular dermatitis and other skin sensitive symptoms. It can be used for skin pain, cuts, abrasions, mild and safe. It does not contain chemical hormones to protect baby's skin.