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Which Huawei mobile phone is the best? Is it worth starting?

Huawei mobile phone has developed rapidly in recent years. Now it has become the largest mobile phone brand in China. At the same time, Huawei mobile phone is also famous all over the world. Huawei mobile phones have always been known for their high cost performance and high configuration, so many series of mobile phones have been launched. Which mobile phone of Huawei is better?

1、 Huawei p20pro

CPU: Kirin 970. Memory: 6GB. Battery: 4000mAh. Operating system: Android Oreo. Front camera: 24 million pixels, rear camera: 40 million + 20 million + 8 million pixels. Huawei p20pro is Huawei's latest and best flagship product. This camera can achieve 3x optical zoom and is very good at shooting at night. Other highlights of Huawei p20pro include a large and durable battery and a larger AMOLED screen. It has a metal frame and a glass back cover. You can choose a gradient scheme. The color changes from purple at the top to Turquoise at the bottom.

2、 Huawei mate10pro

CPU: Kirin 970. Memory: 6GB. Battery: 4000mAh. Operating system: Android Oreo. Front camera: 8 million pixels, rear camera: 12 million + 20 million pixels. Although Huawei mate10pro was launched in 2017, it is still a very powerful mobile phone. Like p20pro, mate10pro also has excellent battery life. Although this design lacks the beautiful color of Huawei's new flagship, it will still brighten your eyes, thanks to its glass back, metal frame, the smallest frame around the screen and waterproof performance.

3、 Huawei mate20pro

Huawei mate20pro is the highlight of Huawei this year. It is with mate20 series that Huawei has become a mobile phone giant in one fell swoop! After the current price reduction, this mobile phone has the same price as iphonexr, but the performance is completely highlighted, which makes pollen like it. In terms of performance, it adopts the most advanced Kirin 980 processor, rear Leica four cameras and waterproof and dustproof design; The appearance of the mobile phone with 8 curved screen has a stable model of high-end business. The super large battery capacity of 4000 Ma + has achieved more lasting battery life in AI intelligent power-saving mode, which is loved by many small partners. They say that this is Huawei's flagship mobile phone worth buying this year!

The above three mobile phones are Huawei's most popular mobile phones on the market. They have obvious advantages over other Huawei mobile phones in terms of performance, configuration and appearance. Of course, Huawei P30, which has attracted much attention, is about to be listed this month. Friends who want to buy may as well pay more attention to Huawei's official news.