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What is the development prospect of the catering industry this year? Development trend of catering i

Now more and more people feel that working for others is not a long-term solution. Only by opening their own store and being a boss can they achieve the ultimate goal of people's struggle. Therefore, many people are trying to start a business, and the catering industry is the most popular independent business industry. So what is the development trend of the catering industry in 2019? The small editor of this article brings you China catering report 2019 to interpret the development trend of the catering industry in 2019. Let's have a look.

China catering report 2019 (hereinafter referred to as the 'report') was released. The report shows that the scale of China's catering market has reached 4.2 trillion in the past year!

The report comprehensively deconstructs the catering industry from the perspectives of industry, category, brand, takeout, consumers, city and trend, and reveals the development trend of the catering industry.

Trend 1: the consumer market continues to grow

In the environment of economic decline, many people say it is a cold winter for catering, but they are beaten in the face by this data. It can be said that the catering industry has really become an important industry to stimulate domestic demand under the background of consumption upgrading.

Compared with the United States, China's 9 times of catering stores have created a market scale equivalent to that of the United States, while China's per capita catering consumption is less than 1 / 5 of that of the United States. The growth space of China's catering industry is still very large. According to relevant data, the overall scale of the catering industry is expected to exceed 5 trillion in 2020.

Trend 2: snacks have the fastest growth rate and great potential

According to the report data, in 2018, 44.3% of the business stores of snacks and fast food were far ahead, and their advantages were unshakable. At the same time, the data show that the rise of snack categories is very fast and the amount of per capita consumption is also upgrading, whether in first tier and new first tier cities, second tier and third tier cities.

The customer unit price of snacks has reached between 30 and 45 yuan from about 10 yuan in the past. For example, after upgrading the brand, packaging and experience of traditional snacks such as West young master roujiamo and diaoye sirloin ramen, the customer unit price can reach more than 30 pieces, which reflects the urgent need for reform in the traditional catering industry.

On the other hand, the beverage industry also performed well in 2018. According to the report, the number of beverage stores continued to maintain rapid growth in 2018, and beverage stores in cities at all levels were in a strong growth period. In 2018, many online red drinks, such as happy tea and antler alley, were born. The rapid admission of all kinds of capital has made the whole beverage industry prosperous.

The rise of non just needed consumer products in the beverage industry coincides with the trend of consumption upgrading. In the next year, there will still be a huge increase in the beverage market. The CEO of Starbucks also said that it will sink the second and third lines this year.

Trend 3: new consumer groups are rising

In this report, we should pay attention to the rise of new consumer groups. According to the online data of meituan review, in the 4.2 trillion catering market, generation 90 (post-90s + post-95) accounts for 51.4%, far exceeding the proportion of generation 90 in the total population.

At the same time, as a new generation of young consumers grow up in the Internet environment, they have developed clear Internet consumption habits. They not only have richer and more yuan needs for catering, but also are happy to find consumption targets through the Internet, which will also push restaurant operators to actively embrace digital change.

The most typical example is bottom fishing. Haidilao is the most popular among young people, and even has a market value of 100 billion. Why? Because the store has good service, products and experience, customers are willing to spend more time in the restaurant. New consumer groups do not care much about the slightly higher price of Haidilao, but more about the sense of consumer experience.

Young people are more willing to consume than the older generation. As the younger generation grows up, they will become the consumption power of the catering industry. Tapping their consumption ability is like digging a golden mountain!

Trend 4: catering is experiencing a new round of change

If digitization was still one of the development trends of the catering industry at this time last year, digitization has become the consensus of catering people this year. China catering report 2019 points out that the future development trend of the catering industry is the industrial structure shift, supply side digitization, business model upgrading, intelligent commerce, catering retail and fine operation.

In the past, extensive operation relied on experience, but now, data can provide you with accurate judgment basis. Relying on the support of big data, we can truly 'focus on user needs', have a targeted goal, and constantly meet the different needs of different consumers.