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What preparations should be made to buy a house? How to choose a house?

Buying a house is a very important thing for the Chinese people. Now the house price remains high. For many people, buying a house costs almost all their savings, and many people only have enough savings to pay a down payment, and then they will become house slaves and bear the mortgage for decades. Therefore, buying a house and choosing a house need to be treated carefully. Before buying a house, be prepared and grasp the key points when looking at the house, so as to buy a suitable house and not let yourself spend wronged money. So what should I do to see and choose a house? This article brings you the preparation of buying money and the focus of house viewing and house selection. Let's have a look&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;

Suggestion 1: when young people buy a house, if they want to buy a house with an elevator, the most important thing is the elevator households of the relevant elevator room. Many people will misunderstand it. Most people will think that the fewer residents around an elevator, the better. In this way, it is convenient to travel by elevator and will not be too crowded. However, As everyone knows, the area occupied by the elevator needs to be shared equally by residents. Therefore, it is not that the fewer users on the elevator, the better. The best number is three or four households, so it will not be too crowded and the shared area is not much, so it is more reasonable.

Second, young people should not blindly choose a house with few households, which will waste a lot of money in vain. Another point that needs to be noted is about the number of rooms. Between two suites of the same area, if there is a set of three bedrooms, but each area is relatively small, and the other set is two bedrooms, but the area is relatively large, which three bedrooms is better to choose, because in the real estate market, two bedrooms are not as popular as three bedrooms, People's demand for three bedrooms is still relatively large. In the second-hand housing market, three bedrooms are also very popular.

Suggestion 3. Another thing is that the older generation of Chinese people are more concerned about the permeability of houses, so the elderly like houses that are transparent from north to south. In fact, this preference is not only due to traditional ideas, but also has a certain reason.

First, houses with transparent north and South can receive enough sunshine;

Second, the time to receive sunshine is also much longer than other house types.

1、 How to prepare for buying a house?

The main purpose of getting ready to buy a house is to narrow the scope of your choice of buying a house, so as not to choose too many and fail to choose a suitable house.

1. Buy a new house or a second-hand house?

The process and precautions of buying a new house and a second-hand house are different, so it needs to be determined in advance whether to buy a new house or a second-hand house. The second-hand housing community is relatively mature, but the internal supporting facilities of the house and community are relatively old. The new house can be decorated according to its own needs, and it will not face the problem of full parking spaces.

2. Convenient transportation is very important

Whether the transportation is convenient or not directly affects the quality of one's own life. Inconvenient transportation directly causes a long commute, affects the normal work and rest, and goes out early and returns late.

3. Calculate the money bag

For their current actual income, they also have short-term job development potential in the next three to five years and career arrangements in the next ten to twenty years. It also includes a reasonable assessment of your usual consumption habits, which determines the maximum amount of your down payment and the monthly repayment amount, as well as the quality of life after you buy a house. This is a fixed number, which can be borne by itself.

After considering these factors, you will find that there may be only a few suitable buildings. The next thing to do is to look at houses and choose houses.

2、 How to prepare for house selection?

1. Enter the sales office to straighten out the mentality

Don't have too much psychological pressure when looking at the house for the first time. Don't be afraid. Think that you are a customer. At the same time, you should also believe that most of the sales professionalism is still very good. If you encounter problems, just ask and be sure to ask clearly, otherwise it will be late to cry again when you fall into the trap.

At the same time, don't be completely distrustful of the introduction of the salesperson. Although sales recite the project introduction and related scripts in advance, the introduction of the 'hardware' of the house is generally not wrong.

2. Choose a sunny day with wind to see the house

When you arrive at the real estate, don't rush into the sales department. You can first observe the surrounding environment. Is it similar to what you know in advance and psychological expectations. Then you can observe the actual orientation and floor spacing of each building. Because the problems of daylighting, vision and ventilation of the house can not be seen on the sand table, and the model room will generally cover up the shortcomings of the house with various methods.

3. How to select a floor?

Buyers can choose the floor according to their own situation, but also pay attention to three points:

First, science has confirmed that there is no so-called ash layer on the 9th-11th floor;

Second, pay attention to the prices of different floors to avoid exceeding the budget;

Third, in general, the ladder of fire engines can only reach about 14 floors.

4. How to choose house type?

The main purpose of house viewing is to choose the desired house type. First, look at the overall house type. Don't pursue new ideas. Choose any L-shaped house type or strip-shaped house type. House type is the first element. The space utilization rate of other house types is not high, which is prone to problems. In short, that is, the overall square, dynamic and static zoning, and again, the direction is selected. The house facing south is preferred, followed by the southeast, the northeast and the north.

In the process of selecting house type, you will encounter the situation that your favorite house type has been reserved. Don't lose heart at this time. Generally, developers will act as agents for several sales teams at the same time. You can choose other times to see if other sales teams still have this house type.

3、 Do you want to pay a subscription?

In the market, many interested buyers will pay part of the subscription fund before opening, which can offset part of the purchase price or provide the qualification of limited house selection when buying a house.

If you are not very short of money, you can pay the subscription fund. If you don't choose the room number of the central instrument after the opening, you can also ask for the money back with the invoice. Another advantage is that if you pay the subscription fund, you can effectively improve your reputation in the sales department and have a good relationship with the sales team, there may be additional discounts.