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What are the most easily fried meats?

Succulent is a kind of plant that is easy to be loved by people. Once you plant succulent, you will love it. Planting some succulent plants at home can not only cultivate your sentiment, but also decorate your home. Some succulent plants can burst pots. When people see pots full of meat, they are very happy. So what are the succulent plants worth starting with?

1: Ji Xingmei

Jixing beauty is a kind of meat that is most easy to explode. Although it is a series of pot protecting grass, it is also very easy to appear and explode when planted alone. Jixing beauty in good condition will show red and blue colors, and plump leaves will also make people feel very cute. Jixing beauty can be propagated by inserting leaves or beheading and branching, It's easier to burst pots when using leaf cuttings for propagation~

2: Ji Qiuli

Ji Qiuli has become a pot of beautiful meat for the majority of meat friends because of her simple reproduction and easy pot explosion. The light pink when Ji Qiuli is out of state also fascinates many people. Ji Qiuli's reproduction is also very simple. As long as healthy leaves are picked and placed on the soil, they can take root and germinate quickly. If the number of leaves is enough, they can also form the form of pot explosion in a short time.

3: Zichi Lianhua

Zichi Lianhua is also a kind of sprouting meat in an extremely explosive pot. Zichi Lianhua of vasong can reproduce by dividing lateral buds. The lateral buds the size of a coin can be cut and placed flat or inserted into the soil, and can take root soon. Therefore, I want a zichi that explodes in a pot, It is necessary to keep pruning the lateral buds ~ the propagation speed of the seed holding white lotus is slower than that of the seed holding lotus flower, but it is also very explosive. Oh ~ another thing to note is that the seed holding lotus flower will die when it blooms ~ remember to cut off the foil when it blooms~

4: Golden perennial grass

Golden perennial grass is also a good body for extremely explosive pots. It is the best among the pot protecting grasses. It has tenacious vitality and can grow rapidly until the pot explodes. Its low price and golden color are also loved by most meat friends ~ pill leaf golden perennial grass is as explosive as golden perennial grass, and its breeding method is also branch propagation, Strong branches can be cut and inserted into the soil, and they will reproduce and grow rapidly.

5: Rainbow jade

Rainbow jade and red berries can burst in pots in a short time. The method adopted is leaf cutting propagation. Both meat and meat have a high probability of leaf cutting, and are very easy to raise. They are also very beautiful when they are out of state. If watering is controlled well and sunshine is enhanced, they will show extremely rich colors ~ however, red berry bubbles are more recommended to behead propagation, This will burst out a lot of side buds, very good-looking~

6: Wannian grass with thin snow

Similarly, the classic potted grass series is easy to reproduce. Beheading or leaving it will also produce a large piece in groups and explode the basin!

7: Small ball rose

It's a kind of meat of the grass class that barely takes off the basin. Although the plant is small, it's very like roses when it comes out of state ~ raising a pot group is born with a great sense of achievement ~ its Jinhua variety, Xiaoqiu rose, is as easy to reproduce as Xiaoqiu rose, and can cut off strong branches for cutting propagation~

8: Mountain Rose

Ono rose is also a good body in an extremely explosive basin. As long as it is cultured for a period of time, a lot of lateral buds will sprout ~ the breeding method generally adopts lateral buds, but it can also be inserted through bubble experiment. If you want the wild rose to be in a state, you must control the water. If you water too much, the whole tree will turn into water or grow into a very non mainstream appearance ~ the contrast is very large~

9: Ji hazy moon

Ji hazy month is one of the best meat to breed. The perennial purple leaves are also loved by many meat friends. It is worth mentioning that Ji hazy month is easy to develop the meat of old pile, and the shape is very enchanting after growing into old pile ~ the breeding method is mostly leaf insertion, which can be carried out by placing healthy leaves in flower pots, It can quickly grow into a group of sprouting meat~

10: Trier gem

Commonly known as Xiaoyu, there are wild plants in some areas of southern China (such as meat friends found in Kunming). The colors vary greatly in different seasons. They can be cut off and propagated separately or inserted into leaves. Although they are small and fleshy, the growth speed is not slow. A small one can quickly grow into sprouting meat in a pot~