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Top 10 succulent plants

Succulent plants are very afraid of high temperature. Especially in summer, it is a nightmare for succulent plants, because the high temperature and high humidity environment in summer will make succulent plants prone to black rot water. In fact, not all succulent plants are like this. Several varieties are also beautiful in summer. Next, let's learn about the 10 succulent plants that are most worth starting with?

In summer, we basically cut our hands. After all, in the hot summer, we only want to be immortal, not beautiful. We recommend the following 10 varieties that are good to feed, easy to get out of state, and the price is close to the people.

No.1 the first choice must be Kexian kefeimei [snow lotus]

Reason for selection: the once expensive fairy has now fallen into the ranks of ordinary goods. If the temperature difference is large, it is easy to show a kind of Fairy Spirit of powder, and the appearance value is still super high in summer. It is not easy to burst pots and branches. They are basically unique.

PS: don't let others touch the leaves with cheap hands. If the powder falls off, it won't grow back.

No.2 small jasper [green peach]

Reason for selection: Bitao was also in the ranks of expensive goods a few years ago. The single heads were 70 or 80. It was still a little out of reach for our moonlight family. Rhodiola multiplied rapidly and soon dropped to 20 or 30. Green peach is particularly beautiful in summer. Its tender green leaves are inlaid with red edges and show jelly color. She is a young lady raised in the boudoir courtyard, which gives people a bright look.

No.3 [Dharma Fu Niang]

Reason for selection: Dharma Fu Niang is easy to explode, has high appearance, is cheap and easy to raise. However, it must be dried with technical content. The leaves are easy to be plump in sufficient sunlight. Otherwise, they will not even know their parents. Summer still needs shading. Dharma Fu Niang is not heat-resistant and is easy to lose leaves. However, it is easy to spend summer in a ventilated environment. And Dharma also has one of the most attractive advantages is that it will emit a faint aroma after drying.

No.4 [bright]

Reason for selection: bright summer is also one of the varieties that are easy to raise. As long as you start planting in early summer, there is no pressure to spend the summer after taking the pot. Moreover, it is easy to get out of the state when the sun is full. It is particularly beautiful with pink purple in golden color.

No.5 [Pichia crassipes]

Reason for selection: meat, as its name suggests, is really thick and easy to raise. Is summer pink in the sun? Pink? Pink blue? Anyway, it's beautiful!

No.6 [teyulian]

Reason for selection: teyu is a very strong lineage. Teyulian can present four different states throughout the year. However, I prefer teyulian in summer. It has wide leaves and good genes, and can also produce jelly color.

No.7 [Alba beauty]

Reason for selection: the moon shadow is meaty. My favorite is Alba beauty. It's easy to spend the summer. When out of state, the back and front of the leaf are easy to turn red, and even the whole plant is orange red, which is very beautiful.

No.8 [mountain rose series]

Reason for selection: Mountain roses are dormant in summer. They are like a sleeping beauty who is completely asleep, so they don't care about light. They are placed in a relatively ventilated place without watering. It's a great blessing for the little friends who don't know how to water their meat in summer, because they don't need watering at all.

No.9 [first love]

Reason for selection: one of the classic varieties of Crassulaceae succulent plants, there is no pressure to spend summer, and it is not easy to get sick. Like to grow in a warm, dry and well ventilated environment with sufficient light. And I don't know if it's because of genetic problems. Each plant of my first love has different forms. I really doubt whether they are the same variety.

No.10 [Xiaomi star]

Reason for selection: Although Xiaomi star is afraid of muggy and humid and has the habit of high-temperature dormancy in summer, it is one of the good varieties in summer. Although it is in a light green state no matter how the sun shines all summer, it is also very small and fresh.