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What are the species of succulent plants? It's really super cute

Now many people like to plant some small plants at home. In recent years, succulent plants have attracted the attention of many people. Many people also like to plant some succulent plants at home, which can not only decorate the home, but also cultivate their temperament. There are many kinds of succulent plants. Next, let's learn about these succulent plants?

Color crayons like warm and dry environment. They can grow better in sunny conditions. They are cute and lovely. In addition to summer, they can also be beautiful in other seasons.

Mung bean

Mung bean is sometimes pink, and it emits a faint aroma of fruit, which is suitable for little fairy daughter to maintain.


The appearance and tone of the color of the gypsy are very similar to the gypsy style, so we named it gypsy. The most sprouting thing about the gypsy is its transformation ability. It will change with its growth and seasons, and the leaf ends will become sharp or round, with a little red on the green.


Rosima has a great figure and wild colors. For example, those flower friends who can't even keep meat alive, raising a pot of rosima can save their collapsed confidence.

Pink Bluebird

The leaves of pink Bluebird are thick. When they grow to a certain extent, their leaves will be pink. They are very attractive and lovely. It blooms in warm winter or spring.

Bear boy

Bear boy is really a super cute kind of meat. The price is not expensive. You can raise a pot.

Ping Pong Fu Niang

Ping Pong Fu Niang is a small and fresh feeling, and the powder is not so thick, and the color of the leaves is also very fresh. When it blooms, you will see it open a very interesting flower, very exquisite.

Female chick

The young girl has a feeling of little Lori. Her beautiful appearance makes people want to see her more.


Frank's red is like a flame, but sometimes it can be as tender as a peony, depending on your flower raising skills.

the best green tea

Yulu is small in length and rich in types. The color of the leaves is crystal clear, and the changes are very rich. Sometimes it looks like a craft flat, very cute. Some little cute meat are very popular with girls.


Onsino has many colors, including orange, pink, etc. Onslow's leaves are generally wrapped together to the center, layer by layer, combined with the color of candy, which is very beautiful.