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What are the maintenance points of succulent plants in season?

Many women like to plant some small potted plants. It is a very happy thing to have a lovely and beautiful plant. The color of succulent plants is gorgeous. It seems that small succulent plants are really super cute, so many people prefer to plant succulent plants. So how to cultivate succulent plants in spring?

In the season when everything recovers, beautiful succulent plants are raised. There are some differences between different families and genera. Flower friends should raise their own plants in combination with their own environment. The following is a brief introduction to the water supply and sunshine of succulent plants in spring:

1、 Water supply

Let's talk about the water supply of succulent plants in early spring. After a long winter, almost all succulent plants are relatively weak. When spring returns to the earth and spring rain continues, flower friends can't help giving water to succulent plants thirsty for a winter, although kites also have a small amount of water supply in winter, After all, that water is to keep the plant from drying up its roots directly because of excessive water shortage in winter.

At this time, the water supply will be particularly important, because the temperature difference in spring is large and the temperature is unstable. The water supply should use carbendazim fungicides, which can effectively prevent some unhealthy plants in winter from infecting bacteria due to water supply, resulting in the decay of plant roots.

Generally, the method is to mix carbendazim water and give a little water on the edge of the basin according to the size of the basin, so that the water can slowly penetrate into the root. If there is a flood or immersion basin at this time, it is very easy to cause the leaves of some varieties to crash to the ground, or rot directly from the root to the leaf center. When it is found that the stems of the plants have all been black, it is really powerless to recover at this time, and it feels like instant rot. In fact, the reason is very simple. The lack of water throughout the winter makes the whole plant relatively thin, and the water of the plant itself will be supplied by the leaves. The flood at this time is like a person who has been thirsty for a long time. When he suddenly sees a sweet spring, he drinks hard. This is very dangerous and easy to endanger his life. People can't stand it, not to mention the plants. Therefore, the water supply in early spring should follow the step-by-step and increase slowly. Although kites say step by step, many flower friends don't understand what step by step is.

In early spring, it generally depends on the size of the basin. For the first time, a small amount of water is given to the edge of the basin. Generally, water is poured on a corner of the basin. It is appropriate not to outflow water from the basin bottom. If the basin is too small, the water supply basically makes half of the soil on the corner have water. After watering, ventilate and wait for the soil to dry naturally. During this period, the second water supply period can be extended, because the first water supply makes the weak roots slightly moist. The new roots will be sent out slowly after the first water supply, because when the new roots come out, although there is no water in the soil, their roots will firmly grasp all the substances that can absorb water. When the second water supply gives more water than the first time, the new roots will be easier to absorb water. After drying again, they can be watered thoroughly.

Generally, the soaking basin is not adopted. It is not easy to grasp the soaking basin. When there are many plants, it is also a large workload. It is better to control watering. Generally, after three times of water supply, the plant can enter the normal growth and water supply period.

2、 Illumination

If you don't pay attention to the weather changes and give direct light recklessly, it's also very easy to sunburn the plants or directly dry them. Many flower friends here want to ask, the sun in spring is not as big as that in summer. Why can't you die in summer and die in spring? In fact, the reason is very simple. After a long winter, plants are very weak. Spring is another season. When the temperature difference changes greatly, when plants slowly adapt to the cold winter, spring suddenly comes. At this time, some flower friends will give the plants the first water for spring. After water supply, it does not mean that plants have begun to grow. It is relatively weak in all aspects, Sudden full light will make plants unbearable and unable to resist the invasion of ultraviolet light. In fact, we humans are very easy to feel this.