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How can you raise meat well?

Now many people like to raise succulent plants. Succulent plants are also more popular now. Meat is a kind of meat with many shapes and varieties. It has rich colors. It is estimated that there are thousands of varieties. Many people raise more meat can make more meat have different shapes. How can you keep so much meat?

1. The difference between buying meat online and buying it in a florist:

The potted plants bought in the florist are all with pots and soil. The florist is well matched. When buying, pay attention to asking the boss if he knows the variety name, can clearly tell you the variety name and tell you the maintenance method, and the trust will be higher. If you don't even know the name, you can't be sure how to raise this succulent tree. If you don't even know the name, how can you raise it well?

Succulent plants bought online;

If you buy meat online for the first time, you need to pre select a lot of meat nutrient soil (special soil) and a permeable flower pot, and there must be drainage holes. The meat just bought is of uneven quality, and everything is mainly in kind, so don't expect too much. You can choose one with good reputation. In fact, the most important thing to pay attention to is to understand the growth habits and the simplest maintenance methods of different varieties of succulent plants in advance.

2. How to deal with the fleshy potted plants just bought back?

If you take the soil and basin home for breeding, you only need to remove some dead branches and leaves, and then put them in a sunny place for curing. After the basin soil is dry, water it. If you buy meat online, you should also see whether the whole pot is sold. Generally, it is shipped with bare roots. These meat need to be planted by yourself when you buy it. Therefore, it is best to prepare a lot of meat nutrient soil, carbendazim and paving stone in advance. It is necessary to raise a lot of meat.

3. Collocation of succulent soil

If you don't like to buy succulent nutrient soil and want to mix it with your own soil, you can't just dig some soil downstairs. You can prepare some rotten leaf soil and river sand by yourself. Garden soil can be mixed with some. However, these soils should be used after disinfection to avoid bacteria. The ratio of rotten leaf soil to river sand is 3:2.

4. Introduction before and after meat on the basin

The succulent plants should not be watered after planting with nutrient soil. Generally, they should be watered after 5 ~ 7 days, because it takes time to adapt to the new environment, and its leaves and roots are water. Watering will not be effective, but will hinder it from adapting to the new environment. If you want your own succulent plants to look better, spread some paving stones on them. Novices suggest buying some cheap small particle stones. After more meat is planted for 5 ~ 7 days, start to give some water appropriately, don't pour too much, and then start to slowly adapt it to the light. Don't dry too much at once, and slowly increase the light. After curing for two or three weeks, you can give as much light as possible, and you only need shade in summer.