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What is the version number of glory V20?

Huawei's mobile phone has developed rapidly in recent years. It has produced many models to occupy the mobile phone market, and has also attracted the attention of many people. Recently, the two mobile phones Huawei mate20 and glory Magic2 released by Huawei mobile phone have attracted more attention. It has surpassed Apple mobile phone in many aspects. What are the versions of glory V20?

Of course, Huawei's current achievements are understandable. The glory V20 and the Kirin 980 + versions come at a surprising price! Because with its own chips and many technologies, as well as Leica's lens, Huawei has improved to a higher level as a whole and has always been in the ranks of high-end flagship machines.

Of course, it is also inseparable from his glory series. After Huawei mate20 and glory Magic2, another Kirin 980 mobile phone will attack. This mobile phone is glory V20. Speaking of the models of glory V series mobile phones, they are classic, especially his glory V10, which is loved by many young consumers when it is released, Both the appearance design and the overall configuration and settings were very popular at that time, so many people's expectations for the glory V20 mobile phone have gradually increased.

In terms of appearance design, it adopts the full screen design, and will make the frame to the extreme. It will also be equipped with two versions, low configuration version, 6.4-inch Liu Haiping, and the packaging memory of cop. The overall visual effect is very good. Compared with the glory V10, it should use a glass body, which has stronger heat dissipation and better texture.

The chip will also be equipped with Kirin 980 chip, 6GB and 8GB running memory, and glory V20 exposure. The two versions are different, and the price is surprising! Such a configuration is quite popular in the current mobile phone market.

In the other version, the high configuration adopts the design of water drop screen, which is 6.5 inches. The screen proportion will be larger than that of Qi bangs. In addition to the differences in appearance, the differences between the two are relatively small. The overall price of the low version 2699 and the high configuration 2999 of the two mobile phones is relatively high