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Which electric cars don't need a driver's license? Look at these

Although cars are more common now, some people will still choose to buy an electric car. The electric car is small and is the most convenient in traffic jams. It's also very good that electric cars can take the place where they live. Now driving electric vehicles also needs to obtain a driver's license, but not all electric vehicles need a driver's license. Which electric vehicles don't need a driver's license?

From April next year, electric vehicles will have to take a driver's license and pay strong insurance before they go on the road! Rumors about electric vehicles to take the driver's license are hot on the Internet. In essence, there is a big loophole in this statement. According to the provisions of our road traffic safety law: only motor vehicles need a driver's license. Then, which electric vehicles are considered motor vehicles and need a driver's license? It is mainly divided into these two categories:

The electric two wheeled and electric three wheeled motorcycles that meet the batch of the catalogue of road motor vehicle manufacturers and products issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology belong to motor vehicles and have obtained the national license and are classified as motorcycles. These electric vehicles can be licensed as motor vehicles. Riding these electric vehicles requires a motorcycle driver's license, and those with three wheels are licensed as D, The two rounds are e and F.

Products identified as motor vehicles in excessive electric bicycles

This is more complicated. At present, local management departments have not issued any regulations on exceeding the standard electric vehicle driver's license. The so-called exceeding the standard depends on whether you exceed the old national standard? Or the new national standard? If the new and old national standards are all exceeded, during the transition period, those who do not have a license and dare to go on the road are caught by the traffic police. The car without a pedal is likely to be identified as a motor vehicle (, which is more troublesome. If they are sentenced to driving without a license, they will be fined 2000 yuan and detained for 15 days!

In order to avoid trouble, it is recommended that you give yourself a temporary license plate for your over standard electric vehicle before April 2019. When you are caught by the traffic police, you should be sincere. The traffic police will fine you dozens of yuan according to the non motor vehicle standard punishment standard. In addition, the following types of electric vehicles do not need to take a driver's license.

Electric bicycles of the old national standard purchased before the implementation of the new national standard

Before April 15, 2019, the old national standard of electric vehicles is still valid! During this period, for the old national standard electric vehicles that have been purchased and have a non motor vehicle license, this kind of electric vehicles do not need a driver's license, and they do not need a driver's license after the transition period, because they are legal non motor vehicles.

Electric bicycle conforming to the new national standard

Electric bicycles that meet national standards do not need to be tested, that is, they have a speed of & le; 25km / h, a weight of & le; 55kg, a motor power of & le; 400W, a standard voltage of & le; 48V, a wheelbase of less than 1250mm, a maximum width of less than 450mm, and are equipped with pedal functions. These electric bicycles are non motor vehicles, and they do not need a driver's license.