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How is the soybean milk machine not turning? Repair tips for soybean milk machine not turning

How is the soybean milk machine not turning? Repair tips for soybean milk machine not turning now the soybean milk machine is a necessary household appliance for many families. We can make fresh soybean milk at home, but sometimes the soybean milk machine breaks down and suddenly doesn't turn. What's the matter? How to fix it? Let's have a look.

Reason 1

Soybean milk machine is essential for a family. Especially if there are children at home, there is a soybean milk machine, which is very convenient. You can send a cup of fresh soybean milk to your children at any time. I think everyone should have used it, which is convenient and hygienic. When the soybean milk machine does not rotate, it is very likely that the series excited motor in the machine is damp and the coil is short circuited.

Solution: replace the series motor.

Reason 2

All kinds of miscellaneous brands can be seen everywhere. When buying household appliances, we still choose some big brands with better quality. Soybean milk machine is the same. It can only be used for a long time with good quality, so it won't stop rotating at any time. If it doesn't, we should check whether the relay can't be pulled in or the support foot is broken.

Solution: replace the relay.

Reason 3

It's common that the soybean milk machine doesn't work. It's normal to think about using it every morning and occasionally don't want to work. It's very likely that we use it continuously for a long time, resulting in too high temperature transition of the series motor. That's why it doesn't turn in soybean milk.

Solution: turn off the switch, suspend the use, and slowly cool the motor.

Reason 4

No matter what home appliances, the most taboo is water. In the process of beating soybean milk, it is inevitable that it will be stained with water. When we use it improperly, it will lead to water in the machine, local short circuit of the computer board, and the soybean milk machine will not continue to rotate.

Solution: dry the computer board and water in the machine with a hair dryer.

The soybean milk machine doesn't work. Generally, it's due to these reasons. The Xiaobian told everyone the solution. It still can't be repaired well. It's only for a new one.