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Which credit cards are free of charge? Summary of domestic cash withdrawal free credit cards

​&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203; In this era of more and more advanced consumption concept, the means of payment are becoming more and more diversified. Credit card has become a consumption mode used by many people in their daily life. There are many types of credit cards. Different banks and different types of credit cards can enjoy different treatment and rights. In life, some people will encounter the need to use credit cards to withdraw cash, so which credit cards are free of handling charges? This article brings you a summary of domestic cash withdrawal fee free credit cards. Let's see what they have.

Young card of China Merchants Bank

Young of China Merchants Bank can enjoy the first cash withdrawal free of handling fee every month, but there will be a charge from the second cash withdrawal in the same month, with a handling fee of 1% and a minimum of 10 yuan.

China Merchants GQ joint credit card

Like the young card, this card is free of service charge for the first cash withdrawal every month and starts charging for the second. This card is applicable to CMB in local and different places. You can take it anytime, anywhere you want. But one bad thing is that this card can only be applied by male compatriots, but not by female compatriots, and this card has an annual fee of 100 yuan.

Bank of China Great Wall global series products

The local bank withdrawals of Great Wall global link series products are free, and there is no limit on the number of times. The withdrawal methods include counters and self-service terminals (ATM), but foreign banks and inter-bank banks will charge handling fees.

Huaxia smart card

With Huaxia smart credit card, the handling charge for cash withdrawal from excess payment is free, and the first daily handling charge for cash withdrawal from overdraft is free! It's the first pen every day, not every month. That's great!

Societe Generale Taobao Card co branded card (Series Card)

The cash withdrawal transaction of Societe Generale Taobao co branded card includes cash advance transaction and cash withdrawal transaction of excess payment. Each account can only be reduced or exempted once a month, but it is only limited to domestic and overseas cash withdrawal, and all cash withdrawal transactions do not count points.

GF smart credit card

GF smart credit card can reduce the handling fee for the first three cash withdrawals within three months after application, and the handling fee can be reduced for the first three cash installments.

GF Ctrip credit card

The first off-site cash withdrawal of each month can be exempted from handling charges.

PUFA Caixing gold card

The first cash withdrawal of each month is free of handling charge. Local banks, local inter-bank banks, non local banks and non local inter-bank banks can enjoy the exemption of handling charge for the first cash withdrawal of each month, but it is a little bad. Starting from the second one, cash withdrawal of less than 1000 yuan, 30 yuan and more than 1000 yuan will be charged 3% of the total amount.