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How to pay the penalty for violation by mobile phone

How to pay fines for violations by mobile phone steps and processes of paying fines for violations by mobile phone now mobile phones are very powerful. Many things can be done by mobile phones. Now traffic fines can also be paid by mobile phones. How can mobile phones pay fines? Let's take a look at the steps and procedures of paying fines for violations on mobile phones.

At present, mobile phones can pay fines for violations. The following are the specific steps:

1. step 1: install Alipay in your mobile phone and click enter. In the bottom 'more public services', go to see' traffic violation handling ', and click Add.

2. second step: on the top of Alipay, you can enter the traffic violation handling system. Click to enter.

3. Step 3: there are some traffic news in 'traffic violation handling', which you can browse in your spare time. In the lower left corner of the window, there is the function of checking violations. Enter to check whether there are violations.

4. Step 4: to check the violation, you need to enter the ticket number, body frame number, generator number and other information. After entering, click query. These information can be entered once, and the system will retain the information.

5. Step 5: enter the query, you can see a violation record, and click next.

6. Step 6: fill in relevant information, name, mobile phone number, etc. Click Save order, and a window will pop up asking whether to enter payment. If you want to pay, you should complete the ticket payment. It should be noted that a 200 yuan ticket requires an additional 20 yuan handling fee. However, the cost is lower than that of some online agents.