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It is difficult for children to get sick by doing a good job in preventing children's influenza

Parents are afraid that their children will get the flu. Their children are young and have weak resistance. They are easy to be infected, especially children younger than 5 years old. So how to prevent it?

▎ what is an effective way to prevent influenza?

At present, influenza vaccination is the most effective way to prevent influenza.

The protective effect of influenza vaccine generally lasts only 6-12 months, and because of the variability of influenza virus, influenza vaccine should be injected every year to be effective.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that families with children under the age of 5 should be vaccinated, so as to form a protective barrier for children in the family.

▎ to prevent influenza, these things should be done well!

In addition to influenza vaccination to prevent influenza, we should also pay more attention to the following life details and do a good job in the following points.

1. Wash your hands frequently

Hands touch various places every day. Babies also like to put their dirty hands into their mouth or eat directly. Therefore, when you take your baby out to play and go home, you should pay attention to washing your hands with flowing water, and you can also prepare hand sanitizer for children. Avoid touching the mouth, eyes and nose with dirty hands.

2. Multi movement

More outdoor sports can make the baby feel and adapt to the changes of sunshine and temperature, exercise the skin and respiratory tract and enhance the physique. Develop the habit of exercise, improve physical function, contribute to physical development and health. Therefore, when the weather is good, parents should take their baby to outdoor sports and bask in the sun.

3. Ventilate and clean the room frequently

Influenza viruses can spread through the air. But in winter, people mainly live indoors, and close doors and windows because they are afraid of cold, resulting in poor air circulation and more vulnerable to influenza virus. Therefore, open windows for ventilation every day to maintain air circulation.

Winter is dry. When the air humidity is lower than 40%, the reproduction speed of influenza virus will accelerate. Therefore, to prevent influenza in winter, clean and disinfect the places where bacteria are easy to breed at home, such as kitchen countertops, toys, door handles, toilet flushing buttons, etc.

4. Wear a mask

If the family has cough symptoms, they should consciously wear masks; When coughing and sneezing, use paper towels to avoid droplet transmission. When taking your baby to crowded places, especially to public places such as shopping malls, you can also prepare masks for your baby. Wearing masks can effectively protect yourself from viruses. It is recommended to stay away from crowded people and places with poor air.

In addition, the weather changes quickly and children have a large amount of activities. Parents should pay more attention. It is also very important to increase or decrease clothes, balance meals, strengthen exercise, ensure sleep, and enhance physique and immunity according to temperature changes.