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The correct way to use perfume is to make perfume more durable.

The correct way to use perfume is to make perfume more durable.

Sihai: now, no matter men and women, perfume is a must for many people. But actually many people do not know the proper way to use perfume. Most of the buddies use perfume directly on their body, so it tastes very fast and will be fast. Let's look at the proper use of perfume.

Proper use of perfume

1, wrist, wrist inside temperature is higher, can wipe the perfume here. The fragrance can be more prominent above the medial vein of the elbow.

2. After the ear, the temperature behind the ears is very high. It is very suitable for perfume, and it can also avoid ultraviolet radiation.

3, ankle, rub inside the ankle, when you walk, it will smell, and ankle is the best place to wear perfume after a long time.

4, neck, not around the neck around the perfume, but in addition to the back of the neck, because the hair can cover ultraviolet radiation, it can be reassured to spray perfume.

5. Waist, if you want to float a faint fragrance, please wipe it here, and wipe it below your waist during dinner.

6, the thigh, the aroma is from bottom to top rubbed on the lower part of the body, is the exquisite use of perfume. The temperature inside the thigh is also very high, which makes the perfume more sporadic. (please use before wearing silk stockings)

7. The leg joint can be rubbed on the vein on the inner side of the joint. It can also be used on the inner side of the skirt with the same height of the joint. It emits a faint fragrance with the swing of the skirt and the movement of both feet.

How can perfume last longer?

1, keep only one fragrance. On a hot summer day, it is best to use a lighter perfume, and use stronger perfume at night. But you can not use two kinds of perfume at the same time, so the smell will become very strange. It is recommended to use fragrance free or skin care products of the same series.

2, first spread the wrist and move to the whole body. First, the perfume is stained on the wrist, then move to the other wrist, after the wrist is warm, then move from wrist to ear, then put it on all parts. Do not rub each other's wrist. This will destroy the perfume molecules.

3. Wake up the fragrance with the ring finger. The ring finger is the most gentle, and the strength of other fingers is too strong. Just gently press the ring finger twice in all places. On average, thin perfume is applied to all parts of the body. This is the best way to apply perfume.

4, let the hair smell charming, and more than sufficient perfume is left on the hair. Do not spray perfume directly onto your hair, so the fragrance is too direct and not graceful enough. Where the perfume is painted is the most attractive.