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Who is the strongest high-end CPU king in the PC processor ranking of Master Lu in Q1 2019?

​&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203; Computer CPU, like mobile phone CPU, is one of the most important configurations. Computer CPU is the core and key item in computer configuration and the key point to determine computer performance and computing speed. Now the PC processors of major brands are facing great competitiveness, especially the competition between AMD and Intel in high-end PC processors. So which PC processor is the king of high-end CPU? Master Lu recently released the ranking list of PC processors in Q1 2019. This chapter brings you the specific ranking and content introduction of the ranking list of PC processors in Q1 2019. Let's have a look.

Intel i9-9980xe came in second

PC processor performance ranking data comes from January 1, 2019 to March 31, 2019. In order to reduce the impact of niche products (servers) on the list and make the list more valuable for reference, data with more than 1000 tests are selected for data sampling. Some high-performance CPUs are not included in the list because they have a small number of users, such as Intel Core i9-7920x @ 2.9ghz, with high scores but insufficient quantity, and do not meet the conditions for consumption level listing.

In this year's Q1 CPU performance ranking, AMD ryzen threadripper 2990wx ranked first with 449980 points. This is also the third time that this high-performance CPU has won the championship in a row, and no one has shaken its position as the leader of consumer performance.

Everyone is no stranger to AMD's' core monster '. Its price is as high as 14000 yuan. It is built for professional content producers, developers and PC enthusiasts.

Intel i9-9980xe, which ranks second, is a high-end CPU released only in October last year. So far, Intel has only two models that can top the Xe tail. One is the previous generation flagship core i9-7980xe, which ranks third. The other is the i9-9980xe, which ranked second with 359198 points.

I9-9980xe is an evolved version of i9-7980xe. Although the basic parameters change little, the official said that the process improvement improves the performance by 15%. Using 18 core 36 threads and 3GHz frequency jump, it is enough for creators and performance players to dream. Of course, the price is not cheap, as high as 17000 yuan. Compared with AMD 2990wx with 32 cores and 64 threads, the i9-9980xe only has a large performance gap, and the running score is close to 100000.

In terms of performance, Intel and AMD are 50-50. Unlike amd occupying the high-end and Intel slaughtering the middle and high-end of the list, the CPU competition between the two companies is more intense this time, and their products are also listed in the middle and high-end parts. For example, AMD ryzen 5 2600x is a more 'civilian' consumer grade six core, which is sought after by ordinary players.

The most popular CPU ranking: the eighth generation i7 officially launched

In addition to the CPU performance list, the most popular processor ranking can also reflect the current installation situation.

Among the popular desktop CPUs, Intel Core i7-8700 beat i5-8400 and became the most popular PC processor.

Two of the eight generation i7 series processors are on the list. The biggest difference between the first i7-8700 and i7-8700k is that they do not support overclocking. The default dominant frequency of i7-8700 is 0.5ghz less than that of i7-8700k, but the price is 300 cheaper than that of the latter. It only needs to be matched with an ordinary motherboard. The design power consumption of i7-8700k is 30W higher than that of i7-8700, and the price is more expensive. It needs to be matched with z370 motherboard with a price of nearly 1000 yuan. In one set, the i7-8700 can save about 800 yuan compared with the i7-8700k. For the installed users who do not need overclocking, cheaper price and lower power consumption are the best choice. Therefore, although the core parameters are not different, there is a big gap between the two rankings.

Affected by the upstream raw material supply, the PC industry has recently reduced prices and ushered in an installation boom. The eighth generation i5 has shown signs of 'passing away', and the eighth generation i7 has gradually become the first choice for players, but the i5-8400 has resumed supply, is at the peak of cost performance, and still has a large number of users. In the price rise last year, amdryzen 5 2600 series gained a lot of attention because of its extreme cost performance.

Among the most popular Notebook CPUs, almost half are high-performance Game Book processors, such as i7-8750h, i5-8300h, i7-7700hq, etc., and high-performance CPUs account for 60% of the list. I5-8250u, i5-7200u and other low-voltage notebook processors are mostly found in notebooks pursuing beauty and thin weight. A large number of stocks of i5-6300hq and i7-6700hq have not been sold out. In addition, the iterative upgrading of Intel processors is not large, so they also occupy a certain market.

There are not many notebooks using AMD processor, so amd does not appear in the top 10 of the most popular notebooks.


Throughout the list, it is not difficult to see Intel's current pressure. In addition to the high-performance field, the mid-range market, which has been firmly controlled, also shows signs of being eroded by AMD. Amd has always followed the cost performance route, especially the birth of Zen architecture, which makes amd hot in the DIY market. However, the majority of players always choose Intel, and Intel always maintains a market share of more than 60%.

On the one hand, AMD's Raptor series is a new product after all, which has just experienced the second generation. Intel's long-term advertising and strong distribution ability make the brand occupy a position in the hearts of users, and more people recognize Intel. On the other hand, although Intel has been jokingly called squeezing toothpaste for many years, the core series products are stable and have no major problems. AMD's compatibility with some large software is not as good as Intel. Therefore, although Intel's CPU has some premium, consumers are willing to pay. Amd still has a long way to go to reach the same height as Intel.