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Introduction to PC side memory performance and sales volume in Q1 2019 PC side memory performance ra

Now, due to the requirements of work and entertainment, many people need to replace memory. At present, the price of memory in the market has been basically stable, but the most important thing to replace memory is performance. So which PC side memory has the strongest performance in 2019? This article brings you master Lu's ranking list of PC memory performance in Q1 2019. Let's take a look at the specific ranking.

Zhiqi DDR4 4000MHz won the championship

Ranking data are from January 1, 2019 to March 31, 2019. In order to reduce the impact of niche products (servers) on the list and make the list more valuable for reference, data samples with more than 1000 tests are selected.

DDR4 memory module is already the mainstream, and Zhiqi's DDR4 high-frequency memory module has four models on the list this time. Zhiqi memory module is famous for 'overclocking'. The first 4000MHz 8GB can overclock to more than 4400mhz, with a high average score.

Because the running score is the average, it can be seen from the list that there are not a few users who overclock the high-frequency memory module at present. Second, Zhiqi's memory module is 3200mhz, which is cheap, but it can get a high score of 11061, which has become the choice of overclocking players.

In addition, all memory modules on the list start with 8GB, which is enough to see the current mainstream capacity. 8GB memory module is enough, with balanced performance and price. It can be matched at will, which is very popular.

Most popular memory: Kingston becomes the first choice

Kingston occupies the top two in the most popular memory ranking based on the number of users, and its share is reduced compared with the annual report. In the memory market, Kingston has always had a good reputation and stability. It is the first choice for ordinary players.

The previous generation DDR3 memory module has a large backlog of inventory in the first two years, and the cumulative number of users is large. In this list, Samsung's notebook ddr3l low-voltage memory module also has two models on the list. Samsung's notebook memory module has been deeply loved by notebook brand manufacturers and has a huge shipment.

Combined with the share of the memory market this time, Kingston occupies nearly 27.68% of the memory market. Although the second Samsung is the 'big brother' of notebook memory, it has only 14.67% share. Kingston's price reduction strategy when the memory price is rising not only quickly stabilized the market for itself, but also earned users' reputation and trust.

The price of memory has plummeted all the way in the past six months. The quarterly average sales price as of February 28, 2019 has fully decreased by 25% compared with the previous quarter. 8GB DDR4 memory with a price of less than 400 yuan can be found everywhere on the e-commerce platform. According to the current development trend, the memory price is likely to return to the low price in 2016 in the near future.

In order to control memory prices, micron recently announced that it would reduce the production of DRAM and NAND flash memory products by 5% and reduce capital expenditure by $500 million to offset the impact of the decline in memory prices. From the forecasts of Samsung, SK Hynix and other companies, it is unlikely that the memory market will recover in the first half of the year, the price will continue to fall, the supply-demand relationship will change in Q3, and the memory module price may rise in the second half of the year.