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What does 2333 mean? What does 2333 mean I believe many people often see 2333 a string of numbers when watching two-dimensional animation. What does 2333 mean? How does 2333 work? Let's take a look with Xiaobian!

2333 means

Origin: the 233rd expression in the cat flutter expression means laughing.

The No. 233 emoticon of maopu forum is an image of beating and laughing, as shown in the figure below. Therefore, many netizens like to add a '233' when posting on the forum.

example sentence:

2333, someone forgot to zip his pants today.

2333, I went out and found that I was naked.


Later, '233' evolved into 2333 or more. 3 followed to show that they were laughing wildly, which was used to show irony (23333) or inner joy (2333).