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When do cherries mature? What are the food taboos for cherries

When do cherries mature? What are the food taboos for cherries cherries are sour, sweet and delicious with rich nutritional value. Many friends will buy them to eat when cherries mature? What are the food taboos of cherry? Let's have a look.

When do cherries ripen

Cherry ripens from mid April to mid June every year, and it should be the best to eat from late May to June 20. Because of different regions, the temperature is also different, and the ripening time will be slightly different. Early cherries are generally listed in May of the Gregorian calendar, lasting a little more than a month, because cherries are not suitable for long-distance transportation. Late cherries are almost on the market in mid and late May, which belongs to the follow-up before taking over. Generally, there are almost no cherries in mid and late June.

Maturity time of China's five cherry towns

1. Shanhaiguan District, Qinhuangdao, Hebei cherry: Shanhaiguan District, Qinhuangdao City, known as the hometown of cherry in China, is a national large cherry production standardization demonstration area. Mature from late May, the picking period is divided into early, middle and late, with good quality and high yield.

2. Ledu County, Qinghai cherry: Ledu County, Haidong Prefecture, Qinghai has 6000 mu of large cherry, which was listed in July. Its sales are mainly in Xining city and Haidong counties. The price is relatively high, more than 60 yuan per kilogram.

3. Gansu Tianshui cherry: for the same variety of cherry, the maturity of Gansu Tianshui is late in the country and will not be listed until mid and late June.

4. Liaoning cherry: there are many cherry core bases in Liaoning, so there are many selectivity. Generally, the harvest starts in early June. Among them, cherry has been planted in a large area in Dalian, with a cultivation area of more than 400000 mu.

5. Shanxi Yuncheng cherry: Shanxi Yuncheng early maturing sweet cherry varieties can be harvested from May 6 to 8. At present, the recognized production area of high-quality sweet cherry in China is Shanxi Yuncheng except Aba Prefecture, Sichuan.

Eating taboos of cherry

1. Cherries are hot. If the climate is hot and people are particularly easy to get angry, the number of cherries to eat at one time must be strictly controlled. Generally, it is OK to eat five or ten cherries, not too much.

2. Hot friends should not eat more cherries, as well as chronic diseases such as fever and asthma, especially for children, because most of them are hot constitution, so they should try to eat less cherries.

3. If people with gastric ulcer, try to eat less cherries. If you eat a lot of cherries, it is easy to cause nausea and vomiting, which is not conducive to the normal peristalsis of intestines and stomach, but also prevent the absorption and digestion of nutrients, and is not conducive to the metabolism of the body.

4. Do not eat cherries on an empty stomach. Gastric acid secretion increases on an empty stomach. When combined with pectin and soluble substances in cherries, gastric acid produces insoluble sediments, resulting in indigestion or diarrhea.