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Don't worry about eye swelling. Massage the eyelids to relieve it quickly

Sometimes because you cry or don't have a good rest, your eyes will swell the next day, which is very detrimental to beauty. How to reduce swelling quickly?

What is the cause of eye swelling?

Physiological eyelid edema

Physiological edema is mostly due to poor sleep at night, or too low pillow during sleep, which affects the facial blood reflux. This kind of eyelid edema is more common in healthy people, has no effect on the body, and often subsides naturally.

Pathological eyelid edema

Pathological eyelid edema is divided into inflammatory eyelid edema and non inflammatory eyelid edema. In addition to eyelid edema, the former also has local symptoms such as redness, heat and pain. The causes include acute inflammation of eyelid, eyelid trauma, or periocular inflammation. Most of the latter have no local symptoms such as redness, heat and swelling. The common causes are allergic diseases or allergy to eye drops, heart disease, hypothyroidism, acute and chronic nephritis, and idiopathic neurovascular eyelid edema.

Food allergies, dust, pollen, and even allergic skin rashes in other parts of the face can also cause serious eye edema. This kind of disease is not well treated, and this temporary edema may become permanent. The more edema and allergic symptoms you have, the more loose your eyelids will become. So if you suspect an allergy, the sooner you take action to control it, the better. You can't take it lightly.

How does eye swollen detumescence?

Apply potato chips

Method 1: just cut potato chips into thin skin, close your eyes and apply potato chips on your eyelids.

Method 2: cut the potato into thin filaments, mix it with olive oil, apply it on the cloth, close your eyes and apply it on the eyelids.

This method is simple and easy. If your eyes are often swollen, you might as well keep potatoes at home. In addition, cucumber also has the effect of reducing swelling and can effectively replace potatoes.

Salt water wipe eyes

After the eyes are swollen, you might as well try wiping your eyes with salt water. As long as the salt water is ready, and then slowly wipe around your eyes with a cotton swab, it will have a good anti swelling effect.

Cold and hot compress eyes

We know that heat expands and cold shrinks, and your eyes are crying and swollen. You might as well try cold compress to retract the edema. The purpose of hot compress is to accelerate the blood circulation around the eyes, so as to take away the excess water around the eyes, so as to help reduce swelling. It should be noted that do not frostbite or scald yourself during cold compress and hot compress.

Massage eyes

Gently massage around the eyes with your fingers can promote blood circulation, more effectively discharge the water around the eyes and achieve the purpose of detumescence. Pay attention not to massage too hard, and the manipulation is comfortable, so as to effectively reduce swelling and not hurt the skin around the eyes.

Apply eggs to your eyes

We all know that bruises and swelling can be covered with hot eggs. You can also use this method when your eyes are crying and swollen. Eggs can be boiled with ordinary water. Hot compress of eggs on the eyes is also to accelerate the blood circulation of the eyes and reduce swelling. You can eat eggs after applying your eyes. Kill two birds with one stone!

Pillow up to sleep

If you cry before going to bed at night, you must remember not to rub your eyes with your hands. You must raise your pillow and lie on your back, so that your eyes will not be swollen the next day. The purpose of raising the pillow is to prevent water from accumulating on the face and causing edema; Don't rub your eyes to prevent red blood from appearing in your eyes. If you do this, you'll get a sleep and reduce the swelling. You'll go out the next day.

Make up to decorate eyes

If you want to go out, and you are afraid that your crying eyes will be seen, you might as well put on a beautiful eye makeup to decorate your eyes. You can't be beautiful without it.

In addition to the above methods, there are also methods such as applying tea bags to your eyes, eating light food, eating less salt and so on.

Eye detumescence massage

After playing all night, although very tired, we should also insist on giving additional eye care. Dip a cotton swab in diluted saline to help alleviate the edema of eye skin.

Put a small cup of tea into the refrigerator and freeze it for about 15 minutes, then dip it in the tea with a small piece of cotton pad, and then apply it on the eyelids to reduce the degree of pouch edema.

Before going to bed, gently press the middle of the eye belly with your ring finger for 10 times and keep it every night to alleviate the problem of eye edema.

Use some eye creams regularly and reasonably to help increase the elasticity and firmness of eye skin and maintain the moisture balance of skin around eyes.

Eat more fish, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, animal liver, beans and other foods rich in vitamin A and vitamin B2, which are beneficial to eye protection,

In your spare time, do more eye exercises and massage the acupoints around the eyes to increase the acceleration of blood circulation, so as to achieve the activity of blood cells around the eyes.

How to prevent eye swelling

1. Clean your eyes carefully before going to bed.

2. Refrigerated cucumber with slight skin firming property can be used, sliced and applied on the eyelids to rest for 10 minutes.

3. Using several pillows to sleep high will naturally reduce swelling.

4. Sliced raw potato or pressed antler for 15 minutes is also an effective method to reduce swelling.

Conclusion: the above methods are helpful for friends with edema in the eyes, because these are effective methods and do no harm to the eyes themselves. However, when implementing, the action should be gentle and do not rub the eyes too much. If there is temperature, do not burn them too hot. For physiological eyelid edema, it is often seen in healthy people and has no impact on the body. Generally, it can subside by itself without worrying too much. But if you belong to pathological eyelid edema, you should pay more attention. Once the eye edema, you should see a doctor.