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How to renovate old furniture

How to renovate old furniture good furniture can usually be used for decades. Some friends like the sense of quality of old furniture, so how to renovate old furniture? Let's take a look with Xiaobian.


Furniture is not something that can be easily changed. It's not like household appliances. If it breaks down, we can buy another one. Although our furniture can generally be used for decades, we always want to change the furniture when it's old. We can renovate the old furniture and repaint it to make the furniture look like new.


For wooden furniture, it will fade and turn yellow after a long time of use. Re coloring will make the old furniture look new immediately. Wipe with bean curd residue wrapped in gauze, and the surface of furniture will become smooth immediately. If the color of furniture turns yellow, you can wipe it with toothpaste and turn white.

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Many people may feel that dilapidated wooden furniture is not in line with fashion, but as long as it is used properly, it can be regarded as a fashion. The wooden seats with a sense of vicissitudes and the small wooden boxes baptized by years are placed in the rooms with modern design, making the rooms scattered and unique.


Now Taobao has all kinds of stickers and styles. They are waterproof, oil-proof and free to paste. If you don't like them, you can tear them off and change another one. However, you may need to have strong hands-on ability to test your patience and care. However, the process of pasting with your family is still very warm.