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Which is more worth starting with, iPhone X or iPhone XR? Performance comparison of iPhone X and iPh

In recent months, in order to stimulate consumers' purchase behavior, Apple has adjusted the prices of a variety of products for many times. The apple products after the price reduction have really attracted many consumers. After all, apple rarely reduces the price by such a large margin. It should be very cost-effective to replace the new machine at this time. IPhone X and iPhone XR are currently the most popular Apple phones, so which of iPhone X and iPhone XR is more worth starting with? What is the difference between the two? This article brings you a comprehensive comparison between iPhone X and iPhone XR to help you choose the most suitable product for you. Let's have a look.

Previously, JD, Suning and tmall have cut prices on iPhone XR, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus. After the discount of the public iPhone XR (a2018), it only starts from 5399 yuan.

In fact, Apple's iPhone is understandable. Just as apple issued a performance warning a while ago, cook gave two reasons for the decline in performance. The first is the sluggish consumption in the Chinese market, and the second is that the previous battery replacement plan affected the sales of new products. From this reason, it is not difficult to find that many users would rather continue to use old mobile phones than buy new ones. After all, old mobile phones are completely enough, as long as apple does not deliberately limit product performance.

The purpose of Apple's old for new program is to stimulate users who are using old mobile phones to replace them with a new generation of iPhones. But the price is really speechless. The evaluation gentleman has given the actual selling price. Take the iPhone 7 for example. The so-called discount is completely based on the official website price. Compared with the actual purchase from e-commerce, it is equivalent to a discount of only 600 yuan. On the second-hand trading platform, the price of a low configuration iPhone 7 can easily double. At the same time, you found that the actual deduction price on Apple's official website is much lower than the official publicity. For example, the actual price of replacing the top version of iPhone 7 with iPhone XR is about 5100 yuan instead of 4799 yuan.

Therefore, the real way to save money is to sell the old mobile phone in the hands of users, and then place an order to buy an Apple iPhone XR through e-commerce channels. This is equivalent to the actual purchase price of more than 3000 yuan, less than 4000 yuan. The official trade in activities are like this. They can't get any benefits at all. It's even better to place an order directly. There's no reason to change planes.

In fact, for Apple mobile phone users, every time a new phone is released, people who want to change their mobile phone will replace their mobile phone at the first time, rather than waiting for any price reduction. Apple officials have rarely reduced prices, unless it is an iterative new product release.

Whether it is the user's purchase habits or Apple's consistent price strategy has been relatively fixed. It is not possible to attract users by reducing prices, not to mention the so-called 'exchange purchase' which is contradictory to the direct price reduction.

IPhone x vs. iPhone XR

In terms of configuration, iphonex is better. In terms of screen, it has a 5.8-inch screen, OLED screen and PPI of 458. The display effect is still very good. In terms of lens, the front 7 million pixels and the rear lens are dual cameras. It supports dual lens anti shake, 2x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom.

With a battery capacity of 2716mah, it supports fast charging, wireless charging, NFC, IP67 waterproof and dustproof, and upper and lower dual speakers.

In terms of the configuration screen of iPhone XR, the 6.1-inch screen, like the 4.7-inch iPhone, has a PPI of 326, so the screen resolution is not very high, but it is enough. In terms of lens, the front 7 million pixels and the rear 12 million pixels. Although it supports more advanced algorithms, it only has 5 times of digital zoom, which can only be said to be enough.

The battery capacity is 2942mah. Compared with a11 processor, the performance of A12 processor is improved by 75% in terms of multitasking, 30% in terms of GPU, and 40% in terms of power consumption. Therefore, it has better endurance, wireless charging and fast charging, upper and lower dual speakers, IP67 waterproof and dustproof, and dual card dual standby, but it does not support 3D touch.

Overall, the functions of both phones are not perfect, so if you don't play games, of course, you should choose iPhone X. if you play games more often, you can choose iPhone XR.