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How does lip dry blister treat? Take more vitamin B to relieve pain

Sometimes there are some vesicles on the lips, which indicates that your body is lack of something. How to treat it?

How do lips blister in winter

Drink plenty of water

Water is the source of life. Drinking more water not only helps to promote the metabolism of the human body, but also helps to keep the skin moist and prevent water shortage. Don't wait until your mouth is dry to remember to replenish water, because waiting until your body reminds you that the degree of water shortage is quite serious.

Vitamin B supplement

Vitamin B is extremely beneficial to the human body, especially vitamin B2, also known as riboflavin. If the human body lacks it, it is easy to cause angular stomatitis. B2 mostly exists in egg and dairy products, animal viscera and fruits and vegetables. Therefore, it is advocated to eat more eggs, poultry and fruits and vegetables.

Pay attention to local moisturizing

After cleansing your face every day, you should pay attention to moisturizing and skin care products that are suitable for skin, especially mouth corners. You can apply some lipstick with moisturizing effect. If it is dry and cracked, water glycerin can be used; If blistering and ulceration, you can apply erythromycin ointment to reduce inflammation.

Try not to lick your lips

In fact, many people have the illusion that if their lips are dry, licking them with saliva can restore moisture. As everyone knows, saliva is very volatile and takes away more water, so it becomes more and more dry. So be sure to get rid of this wrong habit.

Four causes of lip blistering

1. Herpes labialis

The incidence rate of have a fever is very high, especially in the cold, fever, menstrual period.

2. Oral ulcer

Blisters on the corners of the mouth may also be caused by oral ulcer, which is mostly caused by allergy, infection, fatigue or lack of vitamins.

3. Thrush

The so-called thrush is mostly caused by fungal infection. Its main feature is the most obvious white plaque, like snowflakes stacked one after another. This condition occurs mostly on the mucosa of buccal tongue, soft palate and lips.

4. Oral leukoplakia

All kinds of external stimuli will be directly reflected in the mouth, and oral leukoplakia is not only the response to stimulation, but also the answer. And this kind of situation mostly occurs in lips, tongue, gums and tongue bottom. There is no discomfort in the early stage of early onset. Once erosion or ulcer occurs, there will be a strong sense of pain.

How to prevent lip blistering

1, can be coated with some external medicine, it is recommended to use watermelon frost spray in the affected area, the effect is good.

2. Eat more foods rich in vitamin B, especially B2, such as animal viscera, eggs, milk and green vegetables.

3. Eat more cool foods to extinguish the fire, such as Guiling ointment, chrysanthemum tea, bananas, etc. these cool foods help to dispel the fire.

4. Quit smoking and limit alcohol. Avoid spicy and stimulating food. Don't eat dog meat, mutton and other foods that are easy to get angry for the time being, so as not to aggravate the disease.

5. Keep a cheerful mood, laugh more at ordinary times, learn to control your emotions, be more open-minded, and don't get angry easily.

Conclusion: through the introduction of Xiaobian, I believe everyone knows something. Yes, a healthy body is the primary premise of everyone's life. Without a good body, how can we live a better life? So, anyway, we should have a good understanding. This is the greatest responsibility for ourselves. Of course, keeping a good mood is also particularly important.