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Which city will develop well after graduating from university? Top ten cities with the most potentia

Now more and more young people will choose to develop in big cities after graduating from University, because big cities have more employment opportunities, greater room for rise and better development prospects. The improvement of national economic strength is also closely related to the development of these big cities. So what are the most potential cities in China? This article brings you the ranking of China's top ten most potential cities. Let's help you choose cities suitable for development.

1、 Shanghai: Shanghai people and buildings have a great sense of future

How to evaluate Shanghai? It is the 'magic capital of China' and 'Paris of the East'; It is the city with the least capital and luxury in China, and it is also a city gathering the world's most high-end industries; It is the nostalgic capital of "home to many people" in Wang Anyi's memory. It is also the future city of "exporting prosperity to Hong Kong" in Zhang Ailing's mouth. It represents the highest level of China's urban development, defines and means the future and upper limit of China's urban development.

The history of Shanghai is a history of Jiangnan commercial civilization. In the era of mobile Internet, Shanghai has stepped on the node of the advancement of the times at every step. Someone once used the poem 'a fine horse gallops on the flat ground' to describe Shanghai. Flying on flat ground may be an appropriate evaluation of Shanghai. Its blood is flowing with the traditional 'land' gene, but its bones are full of admiration and longing for the future and the sky.

Ma Yun once said, "if there is a city that can represent the height of reform, innovation and development, I think only Shanghai."

2、 Beijing: the capital, one of the most atmospheric and potential cities

There is no doubt that Beijing is one of the most atmospheric cities in China. This also makes it one of the most promising cities in China.

Beijing is a city that can make you instantly 'Hi', and it is also a city that is willing to accept 'dreamers'. Beijing is the kind of city that can give you a natural sense of closeness, which is also a strong evidence that countless' northward drift 'has become a distinctive feature of our times. Writer Chen Guanzhong once said, "Beijing is at ease. I think Beijing is enough to compare Shanghai with Shanghai, continue to guard the torch of cutting-edge culture, and attract generation after generation of low-level alternative youth to rush over and wait to see the light."

The imperial city has a pot of tea. From weather to politics to all kinds of social topics, Beijingers drink big tea and talk about big days. They are comfortable.

In the CBD with rows of tall buildings, there are countless Beijingers full of energy and hope. In order to strive for their ideals, the stage is infinite and the potential is infinite.

3、 Shenzhen: China's' capital of innovation '.

At any time, Shenzhen is one of the most promising cities in China. Why? Because Shenzhen is a beneficiary of reform and opening up and an explorer of high-end science and technology cities in the new era. It will always accept and embrace emerging industries, never exclude outsiders, and always run towards the positioning of "China's economic center" and "global financial center" with an unexpected speed and passion. It is always surging and young, which is doomed that it will never be absent from the list of 'most promising cities'.

After 40 years of reform and opening up, Shenzhen is China's "innovation capital". It not only looks at the rapid changes of new businesses and new manufacturing industries in the world, but also carries out bold practice on the retail industry & hellip& hellip; It can be said that on the road of developing economy and following new things, Shenzhen has never fallen behind. It will always walk at the forefront of the times.

4、 Guangzhou: the intermediary point connecting the past and the present.

From all aspects, the saying "north, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen" should now give way to "north, Shenzhen and Hangzhou". Although Guangzhou, an old business capital, lacks stamina for development, it is still a force that can not be ignored in Chinese cities: it is the most inclusive city in China, the most popular immigrant city, the city that can best awaken your taste buds at midnight, and the city that can best be summarized by the word 'vigorous and fresh'.

Yi Zhongtian said that Guangzhou is the intermediary point connecting the past (a place outside China) and the present (a special economic zone). In the past, it was a millennium commercial port, an economic highland, a pioneer with culture and commerce as the core, and a big market full of dreams of making a fortune. Now, it is not only a bridge to undertake the traditional trade model, but also a bridgehead to open the new Internet economy.

In the history of China's urban changes, Guangzhou is an inseparable name; In every ranking list related to Chinese cities, Guangzhou has never been absent and cannot be absent. Its existence marks a footnote closely related to the past and future for China's urban development, and also gives Chinese cities a reference model of the times when they imagine tomorrow.

5、 Hangzhou: well deserved 'the first city without cash'.

Whoever wins talent wins the future. On this big ship attracting talents, Hangzhou is now in the limelight. The Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal has turned Hangzhou from a coastal town into an economic metropolis of "water living in the river and sea and between land and Zhejiang". Then mobile payment has made Hangzhou glow with another spring. In Hangzhou, more than 95% of supermarkets and convenience stores and more than 98% of taxis support mobile payment. It can be said that Hangzhou is a well deserved 'cash free first city', with unlimited new economic potential.

6、 Wuhan: it has the strength to compete with the first tier cities.

Wuhan people call their city 'great Wuhan'. When talking about these three words, they often bring a resounding target prefix, collectively known as' rejuvenating great Wuhan '.

If you want to ask why, Wuhan people will tell you that Beijing is the imperial capital and Shanghai is the magic capital, while Wuhan has been comparable to Shanghai economically, 'ten miles of sails and masts depend on the city, and thousands of lights shine all night,' 'drive through Jinmen and catch up with Shanghai'; Politically, Wuhan was second only to Peiping, and Sun Yat Sen imagined that it was called 'Oriental Chicago'. Wuhan, with unlimited scenery in history, is now one of China's 15 sub provincial cities, but the people of Wuhan will not stop. There is the strength and ambition of this city in the sentence "rejuvenating great Wuhan".

Wuhan has long been one of the important engines of China's economic development and a leading city in China's' driving cities'. Over the past decade, Wuhan's GDP has increased by 945.026 billion yuan, with a growth rate of 238.64%, ranking first among the capital cities of six provinces in Central China in the past decade. This city with unlimited potential has the strength to compete with the first tier cities.

7、 Chengdu: Millennium Business Capital

The "Millennium Business Capital" is not called in vain. Chengdu is famous for its food, beauty and beauty. Its urban business agglomeration and future plasticity are in the leading position in the western region. Chengdu is friendly and the whole world loves Chengdu's giant panda, Austrian President Alexander & middot; Van der Belen led the largest delegation in Austrian history here. They came to talk about cooperation with panda dolls -- 'nice to meet you, Chengdu.'

Chengdu is happy because it is comfortable here. Ye Tan, a financial writer, said that Chengdu people are willing to spend money on eating, drinking and fun, and the tertiary industry has a high standard. These are the embodiment of the quality of life of a city, so the real estate market in Chengdu is always' warm '. Chengdu people who can play will also make money from playing. With the help of new technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence, they will deeply integrate online services, offline experience and modern logistics. The future economic development momentum can not be underestimated.

8、 Chongqing: urban competitiveness is all-round

'8D magic city' Chongqing is built close to the mountain. The subway, urban rail and houses are scattered. Coupled with the echo of the Yangtze River and Jialing River, this inland mountain city is like Chongqing hot pot, which is very hot and rarely addictive. Chongqing loved by the younger generation is not only the night view of Hongyadong, the cross river cableway and the plum dam of line 2, but also the lightness that first tier cities do not have and the fashion and vitality that ordinary non first tier cities do not have.

Chongqing's competitiveness is all-round, and its economic growth rate has remained at the forefront of the country for a long time. In 2017, Chongqing was strong in the global urban competitiveness ranking, second only to Shanghai, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Beijing and Guangzhou, far ahead of other domestic cities. Chongqing's strength in economy, society, environment and culture can be seen. Chongqing, which has joined hands with internet giants, is still building a 'Chinese smart city'. Its commercial resources and environment are constantly optimized, and its development potential is very attractive.

9、 Xi'an: ancient city creates' Xi'an speed '

Those who can become benchmarks are the best. In the 1980s, 'Shenzhen speed' became synonymous with reform and opening up and economic prosperity. In ancient city city of Xi'an one belt, one road, the other two cities, the National Center City, the "Guo Zi" reform pilot area, the national free trade area, the great Xi'an "hosting the west" salty new area and so on. The city spirit is a great strategic plan. Xi'an city and Xi'an people have unlimited potential and great future.

Ten. Fuzhou: one belt, one road.

As the capital of Fujian, Fuzhou has political advantages, but it has long faced the challenges of Xiamen and Quanzhou in economy. However, Fujian people who have always believed in "dare to fight and win-win" are never afraid of challenges. One belt, one road, is not important for Fuzhou. The next bus is the key. Fuzhou, which is comfortable for many years, is catching up with the opportunity of the whole belt. Fuzhou's future potential lies not only in 'reappearing Glory', but also in 'taking advantage of the situation to advance'. The above is the introduction of China's top ten most potential cities brought by Xiaobian for your reference only. I hope it can be helpful to you.