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How does sedentary neck stiffness improve? How to nurse cervical vertebra

When a sedentary person moves a little, his neck will creak. This situation shows that the body hardens. How can we improve it?

What's going on when your neck turns

In fact, as soon as the neck turns, it rings because our body's blood supply is not enough, resulting in our body hardening and joints grinding dry in the state of ischemia. There will be an intervertebral disc between the bones of our spine. The intervertebral disc can play a buffer role. When the human body is short of Qi and blood, the intervertebral disc will shrink, and the neck will ring as soon as it turns.

For example: the bicycle chain is short of oil. It's not only hard to ride, but also the balls inside will creak. This is similar to the case that the neck rings when it rotates, but the rotation of the bicycle shaft depends on oil, and the rotation between our bones depends on blood. When we lose both blood and gas, the intervertebral disc between our bones and joints does not have sufficient blood supply, which will form a dry grinding situation, and the sound will become natural.

What if the neck rings as soon as it turns

1. More activities

Especially for friends who are accompanied by computers every day, if you use the computer for a while, you should get up and move your neck at the same time, but don't do 360 degree circular motion, just turn left and right at 90 degrees, so as to ensure that the ligaments on both sides of our neck can be pulled evenly.

2. Stay away from air conditioning

Especially don't let the air conditioner blow directly. Because in summer, people's sweat pores are open. When the air conditioner blows, cold and humidity can easily enter the body, which will aggravate the calcification of our ligaments.

3. Eliminate coke

Reduce the intake of all carbonated drinks, including coke, because the process of boiling frogs in warm water is gradual, so it is difficult to be paid attention to.

4. Supplementary nutrition

The nutrition mentioned here mainly refers to nutritional supplementary food. Now there are many such health products, but the good and bad are intermingled.

5. Open the meridians

This is the most important. If the neck is uncomfortable, the simplest way is acupoint massage to dredge the meridians. Just do it once a day, focusing on the small intestine and bladder meridians, such as Houxi, carpal bone, Kunlun, Fengchi and Hegu. Combined with the sea of Qi, it can replenish qi and blood. To make sure your neck is soft, not hard. Touching is warm, not cold.

How to nurse the neck

Neck cleaning

Cleaning the neck can not only remove the dead skin of the neck and the dirt of pores, soften the skin, but also facilitate the absorption of follow-up maintenance products. Therefore, the first step to do neck maintenance is to clean the neck. When taking a bath, use facial cleanser or shower gel. After foaming, wash gently and carefully, and rinse with warm water.

Neck massage

After taking a bath, rub the body milk or neck cream in your hands, and then slowly apply it on your neck. Then, your hands are in a half fist state, gently massage your neck from under your ears to the clavicle, then use four finger massage, and massage the net on both sides. Repeat massage to emulsion or full absorption of neck cream.

neck exercise

Keep your neck straight, look straight ahead, and then slowly say that your chin is too high, keep your face parallel to the ground for 5 seconds, and then slowly lean back until your neck is taut and extended for 5 seconds. Slowly turn your neck right 3 times, and then turn your neck left 3 times. Repeat the above actions 3 times.

Adjust sleeping position

Sleeping on your side or on your stomach will squeeze the neck skin, and neck lines will occur over time. Sleeping on your back can reduce this situation. Girls try to adjust their sleeping position as much as possible.

Summary: now we know why the creak occurs when the neck moves. Once this happens, we should consider whether we have not moved for a long time. At this time, we need to stand up and walk, twist the neck to restore the soft state of the body. In addition, the excessive blowing of the air conditioner will also cause the calcification of the ligaments of the body, Try not to drink more carbonated drinks at ordinary times. These calcium substances are bad for the body. Usually when cleaning the body, the neck is often ignored by people, but the neck care is not good, it is easy to have some bad situations.