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What are the easy-to-use thousand yuan mobile phones? Recommendation of four mobile phones not excee

Now the mobile phone mobile phone mobile phone industry is developing faster and faster, and the speed of mobile phone replacement is also accelerating. In the meantime, the price of mobile phones is also rising while the function and configuration are more and more powerful. But in order to meet all kinds of needs, the brand mobile phone manufacturers will also introduce some low-end models, and the price will also be substantial. What is worth starting with mobile phones with a price of no more than 1000 yuan? This article brings you four mobile phone recommendations with a price of no more than 1000 yuan. Let's see if there is one that meets your needs.

1、360 N7 Lite

Among so many mobile phone manufacturers, not only Xiaomi, but also the always tepid 360 mobile phone, such as the 360 N7 Lite released last year, is very cost-effective. The mobile phone uses the full version of Xiaolong 660 chip, and the performance is awesome. 4050mah battery and 18W fast charging, worry free endurance is the second highlight; Today, the price of the low configuration version is 999 yuan, and from time to time it will fall to the lowest price of 899 yuan. The affordable price is the third bright spot. On the whole, this 360 mobile phone is very suitable for low-income people.

2. Red rice Note7

At present, this mobile phone has a high popularity at this price because Lei Jun is willing to pile up hardware and the price is quite kind, which has been sought after by many users. The appearance of the mobile phone is quite high, with the middle end U Xiaolong 660, the camera is very awesome. The rear host is using Samsung GM1 48 million pixel lens, though it is not as good as SONY IMX586. But the actual photo effect is good, providing 4000mAh battery +18W fast charging, endurance to force charging speed. The price from 999 yuan and the 18 month super long warranty show that this red rice Note7 is full of sincerity!

3. Red rice 7

Hongmi 7 can be said to be the youth version of Hongmi Note7. Its appearance conforms to the trend of design, and its appearance is still relatively high. Its texture can be improved to a higher level. There is no sense of cheapness to the naked eye. The mobile phone is equipped with Xiaolong 632 chip, and its performance and power consumption are OK, which is enough to cope with daily use. The biggest highlight is that it provides a 4000mAh large battery, which has a certain guarantee in life, It also supports infrared remote control function. On the whole, this mobile phone is more inclined to the elderly. If you want to buy it for the elders, it is really a good choice. Here, it is recommended to choose the 4G storage version.

4. Meizu note8

Although the name of Meilan has been cancelled, and the Meilan Note Series has been directly changed to Meizu Note Series, it is still the original flavor. The appearance design of the thousand yuan machine note8 released by Meizu last year did not follow the trend. The conventional comprehensive screen design is regarded as a clear stream in the industry. Equipped with Xiaolong 632 chip and a 12 million + 5 million pixel dual camera lens, the main camera is imx362 sensor, which has strong photo analysis ability. 3600mAh battery still belongs to the mainstream level in Qianyuan machine. As for the price, the current 4G + 64g version of Meizu note8 costs 949 yuan, which is still worth starting with.