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Catkins allergy symptoms what are the methods to prevent allergy

Catkins allergy symptoms what are the methods to prevent allergy spring is the season when everything recovers and catkins fly. It looks like floating snowflakes, but it's hard to be inhaled into your nostrils. Some friends will be allergic. What should I do if catkins are allergic? What kind of symptom does catkin allergy have? Let's have a look.

Catkins allergy is a special allergic disease in spring. Especially when catkins fly all over the sky, the probability of catkins allergy is the highest. The main part of allergy is the upper respiratory tract of human body, which mainly has the following manifestations:

1. Allergic symptoms of upper respiratory tract. When the upper respiratory tract comes into contact with the human nose and exhales catkins, there will be continuous runny nose, cough, asthma and other clinical manifestations.

2. Eye allergy symptoms. If catkins float into the eyes, there will be conjunctival redness, itching eyes and other symptoms.

3. Nervous system allergy symptoms. Some catkins allergic people will be unable to sleep at night.

4. Skin allergy symptoms. When catkins fall on the facial skin, there will be facial skin redness, swelling, pruritus and even rash.

So how should we prevent catkins allergy? First, antihistamines (such as loratadine and cetirizine) can be taken prophylactically to reduce going out in the catkins flying season. When it is necessary to go out, you should wear a mask to reduce the contact area with catkins.