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Is yawning really contagious? It will not only infect but also treat diseases!

Do you usually have such confusion? Why do you fight when others yawn? Is yawning really contagious?

Empathy stands in the perspective of others and understands others' feelings.

The researchers found that yawning infection is more likely to occur in 'empathic people'. We see others yawn, and then our brain will ask whether we are tired or not. Generally, it is positive feedback, so we yawn with them. The reason for yawning infection is psychological suggestion. Yawning infection may be because people in the same space need to supplement oxygen at the same time (yawning is a response of the brain to realize the need to supplement oxygen); The boredom theory holds that everyone yawns when he is tired of something (how tired am I when I see others yawn?); In animal groups, yawning infection can be used to coordinate the social behavior of their groups, keep alert and avoid attack. Therefore, yawning infection is a social behavior.

During the research, scientists found that:

Yawning infection occurs in children aged 1 ~ 2 years; If someone yawns, about 55% of the people present within 5 minutes will also yawn; Reading books and magazines about yawning or seeing pictures of yawning will also yawn; Children with autism (little empathy) have almost no infectious yawns; The closer people yawn, the higher the possibility of infection; People who are easily influenced by others are easily infected and yawn. Seriously, the research on yawning infection is still very interesting ~ why people yawn has these advantages.

Some people say that yawning is because the brain needs to cool down during operation, just as the computer needs heat dissipation & hellip Xiaobian believes that since there is this physiological action, it must have some effect on the body!

Yawning is good for the five zang organs and promotes blood circulation

Think back to the yawning action. Take a deep breath, open your mouth, move your facial muscles, breathe a lot of air into your lungs, bulge your abdominal muscles, lower your diaphragm, and then exhale when your lungs are full of air. It's a deep breath (what we talk about in traditional Chinese medicine is Qi sinking in Dantian). In traditional Chinese medicine, the lung controls exhalation, the kidney controls receiving Qi, and yawning can bring more oxygen into the body, which has the effect of nourishing the kidney and is also good for the brain.

Tip: research shows that the combination of yawning and stretching can increase the average heart rate by 30%, and the brain will secrete exciting neurotransmitters; Stretching can be regarded as a guide for yawning, which can make Qi and blood more smooth, help replenish kidney qi, dredge liver qi, expand stomach qi and dredge lung qi, which is good for the five zang organs.

Yawning can wake up and eliminate drowsiness

Psychologists' experiments have proved that people are more likely to yawn when the brain temperature rises, because this action can reduce the brain temperature. When people are sleepy, the temperature in the deep layer of the brain will rise. Yawning can quickly inhale a large mouthful of air. At this time, the blood flowing through the face will cool down, so as to reduce the brain temperature. Yawning, like drinking coffee, can wake up the brain. This is contrary to what we usually say that yawning is tired and sleepy and wants to sleep. In fact, the purpose of yawning is not to promote people to sleep, but to clear their minds and fight sleepiness. Think like this. If you're sleepy and can't sleep, yawn a few times.

Tip: yawning can help men have good and strong erectile function. The nitric oxide produced by yawning can promote erectile function!

Yawn, regulate mood and help sleep

If you are in a bad mood, stretch more and yawn more. Usually, you will have a sense of relaxation, calmness and cheer up. This is because yawning can soothe the liver qi and eliminate people's emotional pressure to a certain extent. Yawning also helps people with insomnia fall asleep as soon as possible. When you are trapped by insomnia and can't sleep for a long time, you imitate the yawning action, relax your whole body, close your eyes, open your mouth, yawn comfortably, repeat this several times, and sleepiness may come to you.

Tip: if your nose is bad, yawn more to ventilate.

But frequent yawns can be a precursor to stroke:

Don't look at the above and think yawning is good. There is a very dangerous situation, we should pay special attention, especially the elderly!

In the elderly, the cerebral artery gradually hardens, the elasticity of the vascular wall decreases, the lumen becomes narrower and narrower, and the blood supply to the brain is relatively reduced, showing a state of chronic hypoxia. Once tired or lack of sleep, it is very easy to yawn. This is a sign of aging and cerebral arteriosclerosis. If a healthy old man suddenly yawns frequently in the near future, it may be a precursor to a stroke. Clinical investigation found that about 80% of stroke patients yawned frequently within 5 ~ 10 days before the onset. Therefore, the elderly at home suddenly yawn frequently and should see a doctor in time.

Tip: yawning in comatose patients is a good sign that patients are about to wake up and develop in the direction of health recovery.

If you bend over to work and study for a long time, it will not only affect brain activities and blood circulation, but also lead to low work efficiency and aging of body cells. Therefore, a proper deep yawn can not only help people's metabolism, but also promote blood reflux, promote the cells to obtain a lot of oxygen, spit out the exhaust gas in the chest, increase the oxygen concentration in the blood, and remove the sense of sleepiness from the central nerve of the brain. So, when the boss is not paying attention, yawn and relax.