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What are the Italian luxury brands?

It is everyone's nature to love beauty. If the economic conditions are general, they will choose some clothes with petty bourgeoisie. If they are rich, they pursue luxury brands. Italy is a city rich in luxury brands. Many luxury brands come from Italy. What are the luxury brands of Italian clothes?

One of the top ten Italian brands: bvlgati is a gorgeous Italian jeweler. Bulgari Bvlgari, a high-grade jewelry brand established in Italy in 1884, originates from the essence of ancient Greek and Roman culture. Distinguished classic Bvlgari BVLGARI jewelry, watches, accessories, perfume and hotel series.

Two of the top ten Italian brands: Bottega Veneta's low profile, quality and Technology & ndash; Since 1966, Bottega Veneta has gathered outstanding Italian traditional leather craftsmen, with the purpose of the above materials, excellent handicrafts, modern functions and innovative design, adhering to the consistent characteristics of magnificent and meticulous, paying attention to beauty and personal style. Ingenuity presents men's ladies' bags, Home Furnishing Art and fragrance series perfume.

Dolce Gabbana, the third of the top ten Italian brands, was founded in 1985 and headquartered in Milan, Italy. Today, it has become one of the most important international groups in the field of luxury goods. The two founders Domenico dolce and Stefano Gabbana have always been the source of creation and design of the company's two brands -- Dolce Gabbana and DG Dolce Gabbana. They are also the initial advocates of the growth strategy characterized by balanced development and commitment to core business.

Four of the top ten Italian brands: Fendi is a famous luxury brand in Italy. Fendi brand was officially founded in Rome in 1925, specializing in the production of high-quality fur products. Excellent handicrafts and craft traditions reflect the essence of Fendi's luxury quality. The products of Fendi FENDI include fur products, high fashion, fashion accessories, men's and women's accessories, perfume and so on.

Five of the top ten Italian brands: Gucci Italian fashion brand, by Gucci & middot; Gucci was founded in Florence, Italy in 1921. Gucci's products include fashion, leather goods, leather shoes, watches, ties, scarves, perfume, home furnishing products and pet products.

Prada, six of the top ten Italian brands, was founded in Milan in 1913. Miuccia Prada's unique talent lies in her unremitting pursuit of new ideas, integrating her curiosity about knowledge and cultural interest, thus opening up a pioneer road. She can not only predict fashion trends, but also lead fashion trends. Prada provides clothing for men and women, leather goods, footwear, glasses and perfume, and provides customized services.

Seven of the top ten Italian brands: delle cose, founded in Naples, Italy in 1977, is a small luxury brand in Italy. It mainly produces leather bags and shoes. Since its establishment, delle cose has paid attention to the communication between products and customers with excellent handicrafts and the spirit of respecting the material itself, And the emotion it brings to customers, which has been widely recognized by Italian upper class society. At the beginning of the establishment of the brand, DC has always been the favorite of Naples upper class society, fashion people and other small people. It is the first private customized handbag brand.

Eight of the ten major brands in Italy: Versace (Versace), a famous luxury brand, has created a unique fashion empire, representing a brand family. Versace's fashion products have led to every field of life. Its distinctive design style, unique aesthetic feeling and strong avant-garde artistic features have made it popular throughout the world. Versace also operates perfume, glasses, neckties, leather goods and bags. Porcelain, glassware, silk scarves, down products, furniture products.

Nine of the top ten Italian brands: MIU, which is frank and full of experimental style, is another expression of the same design concept as Prada. Miu Miu was founded in 1993, focusing on elegance, refinement and fun, and giving full play to femininity. Through ready-made clothes, leather goods, glasses, breakthrough advertising blockbusters and women's story short film series with a unique perspective, the brand presents the multifaceted characteristics of modern women.

Valentino, one of the top ten Italian brands, is a well-known Italian high fashion brand, established in 1960. Integrate Italian handicrafts and modern beauty to create an elegant model of gorgeous beauty. Products include: Advanced Custom clothes, ready-made clothes, and a series of accessories, bags, shoes, small leather goods, belts, glasses, watches and perfume. Exquisite luxury, the pursuit of the integration of fashion and classics, is the brand's belief in design.