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We should pay attention to these problems! 10 Secrets for cancer prevention

Often stay up late, drinking will cause a great load on the liver, and may also lead to alcoholic liver. Let's see how to protect our liver.

Liver cancer is a tumor that seriously threatens modern people. It can be said that no matter men or women, young people or middle-aged and elderly people, they can't escape its claws as long as they don't pay attention to prevention. Perhaps some people don't know that the youngest patient with liver cancer in China is no more than ten years old & hellip& hellip;

The most dangerous of liver cancer is known as the 'King of cancer', which is difficult to detect and diagnose early. Liver cancer is usually asymptomatic in the early stage, or even if there are symptoms, it looks very common and is easy to be confused with the symptoms of other diseases, so it is easy to be misdiagnosed clinically. Many patients were found to be in the advanced stage.

'fatigue' is actually caused by liver cancer

In recent years, due to 'unexplained fatigue' to the hospital, it is common to detect liver cancer. In the early symptoms of liver cancer, the first and most easily felt by patients is physical fatigue. Different from the fatigue caused by other factors, the fatigue caused by liver cancer can not be eliminated even if patients lie down and rest for a long time.

The main reason for fatigue is that cancer cells damage the storage function of the liver and reduce the fuel supply of the body. On the other hand, the continuous expansion of the tumor will cause disorder of digestive function and obstacle of nutrient absorption, resulting in insufficient capacity.

Unexplained fatigue cannot be dealt with as a trifle

Doctors remind: unexplained fatigue is an early symptom of liver cancer. If it is found and treated early, it is still more promising to recover. Therefore, if you find that you have fatigue symptoms for a period of time, you should see a doctor immediately to rule out the possibility of serious illness.

The liver is an important detoxification organ of our human body. If there is a problem with the liver, the whole body will suffer. Therefore, whether ill or ill, all need to nourish the liver, especially those with hepatitis B, and people who love to drink, stay up late and eat snacks.

10 Secrets for cancer prevention:

1. Do not smoke, do not use nicotine products, if you have begun to try to quit smoking, please do not give up, and you will achieve certain results in the end;

2, regular cancer screening (colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, uterine cancer and skin cancer, etc.), and asked the doctor's physical examination age and time interval requirements. Finding early cancer can increase the possibility of cure and reduce the probability of death;

3. Control alcohol consumption, which means that men should not have more than two bottles of beer a day and women should not have more than one bottle of beer a day. At the same time, ensuring that the human body drinks the lowest alcohol every day does not mean that people can accumulate alcohol for a week and drink it on weekends and nights;

4. Protect your skin from the sun. Use sunscreen every time you go out, or wear a wide brimmed sun hat and sunglasses;

5. Take an active part in physical exercise. You don't have to do the physical training that athletes need to complete, but you should often walk fast, ride a bike, dance and any exercise that can speed up the heartbeat and sweat;

6. The weight is controlled within the normal range according to height, which means that the weight conforms to the body mass index (BMI);

7. Avoid menopausal hormone therapy. If your body needs hormone intake, you must limit hormone intake therapy within 5 years

8. If you think you need drug treatment, you'd better consult your doctor first, which can reduce the risk of cancer. At present, several drugs have been tested to effectively reduce the risk of cancer;

9. Avoid exposure to carcinogens. Radiation exposure and some chemicals can cause cancer;

10. Eat more cancer prevention food every day. Food plays an important role in preventing cancer, but researchers suggest that vegetable and fruit foods can effectively reduce the risk of a variety of cancers, especially colon cancer. The specific dietary policy is: the average daily consumption of red meat is no more than 4 ounces, avoid eating processed meat such as sausage and smoked sausage, eat a variety of non starch vegetables and fruits every day, and eat at least 5 times a day. Try to reduce the consumption of sugar water drinks, fruit juice, dessert and candy as much as possible, and eat less refined bread, bagels (steamed and baked dough circles) and potato chips.