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Acne in these places indicates that there is something wrong with your body. Don't turn a blind eye

Acne is very annoying. In addition to affecting your appearance, it also implies that there are some problems in your body. What problems do acne in different parts mean?


If acne grows on the forehead, the reason is that there is too much heat in the body and the diet is too salty, or the liver is in a state of burden. If you want to improve, try to have aerobic exercise at least 3 times a week and reduce drinking sugary drinks and alcoholic drinks!


The reason for acne in the nose is that there are problems in the stomach and kidney! The reason may be that you have eaten too much stimulating food, roast meat and alcoholic drinks these days; Another reason is that the hand often unconsciously touches the nose, which is also a very common reason for acne in the nose. There is also a very common reason for acne in the nose: constipation. If you want to improve, you should try to eat less irritating food and eat more fruits and vegetables with high fiber. If you are used to touching your skin, you should also try to improve it, otherwise you have to wash your hands often!


Usually, the cheek is the place where acne is not easy to grow. If it grows on the cheek, it means that the current skin oil distribution is very uneven and the oil secretion is too much. Another reason is that your liver also has a bad problem. The solution is to strengthen moisturizing, eat more vegetables and drink more water as much as possible, and the most important thing is that you must have enough sleep! It will significantly improve the acne on the cheek


The reason for acne on the chin is that there are too many acne caused by endocrine imbalance, and acne will be caused by the disorder of physiological clock caused by day and night. The solution is to do deep cleansing as much as possible every week, and often use bath milk to wash the neck. Finally, we must adjust our daily work and rest, and don't have a life reversed day and night like an owl.


The last reason is that there are acne on the back. This is because the water and oil on the back are not completely discharged, or a very common reason is that the back is often neglected to be thoroughly cleaned. If you sweat or suffocate for a long time and go home without cleaning, it is easy to cause acne on the back. The solution is to wear very ventilated clothes to make your body feel cooler. You can take a bath once a day. Oh, not too many times will cause oil-water imbalance, but the opposite effect!

Eyebrow bone

Health problems: poor liver.

Expert advice: to work and rest regularly, quit smoking and alcohol.

bridge of the nose

Health problems: minor problems with the spine.

Experts suggest: pay attention to protect the spine in life, don't catch cold, and go to the hospital to do some rehabilitation physiotherapy.


Health problems: large stomach fire and abnormal digestive system.

Expert advice: you can eat some mung bean porridge properly to get rid of stomach fire; Food and water should be warm to avoid irritation to the intestines and stomach.


Health problems: related to ovarian function and reproductive system, or excessive stomach fire.

Expert advice: go outdoors to breathe fresh air, and don't be overly indulgent or abstinent.


Health problems: be careful, you eat too much processed food, causing gallbladder obstruction.

Expert advice: quickly clean up the body.

Left zygoma

Health problems: liver and gallbladder problems.

Experts suggest: easy to fatigue, detoxification, poor digestive function, should eat less greasy food, eat more fruits and vegetables.

Right zygomatic bone

Health problems: the condition of lung and large intestine is poor, and the lung function is poor, which can reduce the oxygen content of blood.

Experts suggest that we should eat less meat and more fruits and vegetables, such as drinking pears, which can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and have the effects of relieving alcohol, relieving cough and moistening lung.


Health problems: constipation, intestinal heat, and the use of toothpaste containing too much fluoride will also stimulate acne.

Experts suggest: eating more high fiber food, doing more abdominal massage and improving constipation can improve the acne around the lips.

Among people

Health problems: problems with the urinary or reproductive system.

Expert advice: keep drinking water and seek medical treatment if necessary.

Conclusion: in fact, sometimes, if there are some abnormal conditions in the body, acne will appear in all parts of the body. Therefore, acne may not all grow on the face. For example, if there are acne on the back, it means that the water and oil on the back have not been completely discharged, and the back has not been cleaned during cleaning, Coupled with the sweat relationship, it will easily lead to acne on the back; Acne on the chin basically means that the endocrine of the body has been maladjusted. It is easier to have acne on the chin if you stay up late regularly.